10 Elements Of Scandinavian Interior Design In Singapore HDB & Condos

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Image source: Free Space Intent

Ask any Singaporean soon-to-be homeowner on what is their perception of a Scandinavian style home, they would most likely say bright, white and wood.

While they are right about these 3 common elements, there is so much more to the Scandinavian interior design style that homeowners should know!

Master all 10 classic elements of the Scandinavian style so that you can apply them to your new Singapore HDB or condominium home.

P.S Stay till the end of the article to get our handy infographic with the 10 elements all summarised!

Before that, what is Scandinavian?

Image source: tripsavvy

Here is a little background knowledge for you on where the big word came from.

Scandinavia is actually a region which comprises of three Northern European countries, namely Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

1. Natural Light

Image source: Arete Culture

Bright, airy spaces where natural light fills the entire house is key to a Scandinavian style Singapore home.

In order for natural light to seep through, floor-to-ceiling windows, sheer curtains (usually made of linen) are often used.

This is an easy way to instantly make any small home, especially HDB BTO and condominiums look bigger!

2. Colour

Mood Board Template by Style Degree

Muted neutrals such as whites, greys and tans make up most of a Scandinavian home colour palette.

However, that doesn’t mean that a Scandi home is entirely free from colour – that is a common misconception!

Often, pops of colour are incorporated through accent pieces such as metallic pieces.

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3. Wood accents 

Image source: Weiken

Light wood flooring, wood furniture and home accessories are largely spotted in Scandi homes. They complement whites very well and brings in a sense of calmness to any home as a natural element.

Tip: Go for beech, ash, and pine wood for a lighter tone. Such light wood flooring brightens up your space and makes it look bigger.