10 handsome bald head with beard styles in 2021

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Most bald people worry about his unattractiveness with a bald head. That’s why we discuss how to make an attractive bald head with beard style.

We try to mention the various beard styles. That’s perfect for clean head men. Because all beard style not good for shave hade men.

So you have to know what beard style, attractive for bald people. That’s the reason we choose 10 beard styles. That’s good for every bald man.

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Should bald guys grow beards?

Personally, I believe every bald person should grow a beard on his face. Because a beard can create a balanced look between face and head. As a result, makes your look attractive & stylish.

However, most of the bald people shave their hade, not for fashion. After 30 or 40 years men genetically lose hair. But in 30 to 40 years need a more professional look. Only their beard can make your look professional with your bald head.

Also, women love handsome and smart looks, bald people. Finally, I can say lots of reasons every bale men should style with a beard. 

10 best beard style for bald men

Beard always attractive facial hair for shaving headmen. That’s why every semi bald & totally clean head  men should style with a beard. That’s the reason we choose 10 stylish & good looking beard style for a bald guy.

1. Goatee beard style for a bald guy

The goatee is a popular beard style not only for a bald head. But also a popular & stylish beard for businessmen & any 30 to 45 years men. Because the goatee beard style has extraordinary powers of masculinity, professionalism, smartness, and good looking. On the other side Goatee style perfect for any type of facial hair.

So if you have a curly, thick, long, & short beard. No need to find best hooded dryer for curly hair for style with a goatee. Also, maintain and trimming processes very easy. Just you have to clean with shampoo & conditioning, two times a week. So any men can style with Goatee without hard work.

Remember, various types of goatee beard styles are available. You have to choose one that’s perfect for your face shape. As an example round face good for anchor, Norse skipper & pure goatee. Diamond face good for Goat Patch, Balbo full goatee. Square Face Shape perfect for Handlebar, Balbo, & Chin Puff.

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2. Van dyke beard for shaving head

Van dyke was a popular beard style in 17th-century men. But in the modern world, lots of bald people love to style with Van dyke beard. The name of this beard style established by painter Anthony Van Dyck. He innovated this beard style. That is a pointed chin beard and a beautiful mustache. But the chin beard doesn’t connect with the mustache.

Nowadays, Vandyke is the trend beard style for shaving heads. This style can start with a short beard. 1/4 inch facial hair enough to style with them. So if you have an ingrown beard this beard style can be a good choice for you. Also, trimming very easy than other beard styles. But you have to clean each week’s rest of the face area.

Almost every face shape perfect for fashion with them. But if you think this style not good for your face shape. Just ignore Van dyke beard for a clean head.

3. Mid-length beard for a clean head

Fashionable beard long defends on lots of subjects. That’s why when people want to take a decision for good looking beard length. Need to consider hairstyle, hair texture, face shape, and beard style. But if you are bald men more difficult to find out the perfect beard long. But I believe you can fashion with any size of the beard.

But have to sure your chose beard long should balance with your entire look. That’s the reason I chose a mid-length beard for a bald guy. Generally, a longer face shape looks attractive with a mid-length beard. If you are bald man and face shape is long. You are most welcome for a mid-long beard.

Personally, I think a medium beard is attractive & sexy for men. But thick beard texture & full-face beard looks smart with medium beard styles.

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4. French fork beard for bald

If you love casual beard styles with a bald head. You can fashion with a French Fork beard. Nowadays this beard style popular among casual fashion lovers. Various types of French fork styles available in modern fashion. But generally, French Fork describes extending beard around the chin area. That splitting in the middle. That looks like a forked end.

French fork has a glorious history of the fashionable beard. The origin of the French Fork beard is an argument subject. But most people believe it’s a French innovated beard style for men. In modern fashion, French Fork becomes popular with celebrity Johnny Depp.

Personally, I love this style. Because I think it’s an extra ornery and creative beard style for men. That’s why I highly suggest bald people style with this beard.

5. Short beard for bald men

A short beard style can be a good choice for men. Because most of the young bald guys don’t feel comfortable with long beards. Also, a Small beard stylish & create a smart look for young men. These types of beard good for several reasons. Lots of men naturally grow with short beards. Sametime many men can’t grow with full beards. That’s the reason short beards can be a good solution for these types of people.

On the other side long beards very hard to control. Need lots of time for maintenance. Also, if you have sensitive, acne-prone, allergic skin. Long beard styles not for you. You have to style with a small beard. So several reasons short lengths beard well for bald men.

Face shape is another great matter to looks good with beards. In this situation short beards perfect for most face shapes. So without confusion, I want to recommend a short beard for bald men. 

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6. Ducktail beard for bald men

Face shape is a great matter to look good with a beard. That’s why Ducktail beard only for the diamond,  rectangular, inverted, triangle, and round face bald people. If you are birth with between these five face shapes. Without confusion, you can fashion with a Ducktail beard style. Many Hollywood celebrities love to style with Ducktail beard.

Because nowadays, Ducktail is a trendy beard style for men. Generally, it’s a full face beard style for smart men. The name of the Ducktail beard represents the look of this style. This is nothing that just looks like a duck’s tail. I think you understand the looks of a ducktail beard. It’s a sophisticated & good looking beard for businessmen.

Basically, a Ducktail beard length should be 2-4″. But can increase and decrease the length of the beard.

7. Chin strap beard style for bald head

This style can be a fashionable and stylish beard for shaving head men. But the bad news is chin straps little bit difficult beard style than a general style of the beard. But the good news is lots of easy chin strap styles are available. There I try to mention 10 well-known chin strap styles. 1. Classic chinstrap. 2. Pencil chinstrap. 3. Isolated chinstrap.

4. Chin strap Goatee. 5. Chin strap with the mustache. 6. Thick Chin Strap. 7. Thin Chin Strap. 8. Wide Chin Strap with a mustache. 9. Long jawline chin strap. 10. Grey stubble with chin strap. However, before fashion with this beard need to stay one month without shaving. Because one month needs to get the ideal length. 

This beard was the 18th and 19th centuries fashionable style for men. Also, an ideal beard for those who don’t grow with a full face of hair.

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8. Anchor beard for a clean head

This is a smart beard for a bald head. But you have an expert for trimming anchor beard. Also, you have to always keep clean the check and neck of the face. On the other hand, the anchor doesn’t look attractive with every face shape. Only round, square & oblong face shape welcome for an anchor beard look. But this is a good looking style for any professional bald people.

Remember, try to keep a pencil and handlebar mustache for the anchor. Mustache can start close to the nose and the end should be lip line. Because without a perfect mustache shape you looking ugly with an anchor beard style. At the same time wide & round chin need for good looking with this style.

However, try to keep medium to short beard length for the anchor. Because this is an ideal and attractive beard length for anchor style.

9. Imperial beard style for bald men

If you want to get king looks with the beard. You can try an imperial beard style. That was popular during the Second Empire of France. That time established this beard style name. Also, 19th century political & military leaders love to fashion with this beard. But today Imperial style lost her previous shape and stricter of the beard.

France people love to attach sideburns facial hair with the mustache. At the same time, the chin should be clean. This is the original shape of the Imperial beard. But today various types of Imperial beard shapes are available. But need at least 1.6 inches beard length for the Imperial style.

I suggest trying to keep more than 1.6 inches in length. If any bald men love to fashion with Imperial style.  Need to oblong, square, and triangle face shape.

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10. Bald men with the long beard

longer facial hair super popular for a bald head. Because this is simple and you can stay a long time without shaving. At the same time needs to stay a long time without shaving to get a perfect beard length. But the length of the beard should be attractive to your personality. That’s why the length can be any size. But try to keep good looking & attractive length.

Most people suggest keeping six inches beard length to style with them. That’s the reason you have to stay for almost one year without shaving. But this time can be different from person to person. I think a huge time needs to fashion with a long beard. So you have to hard work mentally & stamina for long beards.

But every man should try for a long beard. Because it’s can be an extraordinary hobby for men. So start trying for a long beard.

5 Q&A for the bald head with beard style

When comes to choose a beard style for your shave head. Lots of questions come to mind. That’s the reason we arrange a question & answer session.

Q. At what age males start balding?

Hair loss can start with many reasons. Also, each man and women have to face a hair loss problem. But there haven’t any age limit to start baldness. That can be started at any age.

Q. Who is the famous bald celebrity with a beard?

Still has lots of famous bald celebrities in the world.  Not possible to mention one or two celebrities. Also, they are love to shave hade with best electric razor for elderly man in 2021

However, there I try to mansion 10 famous bald celebrity’ names. Hope after reading you enjoy with 10 bald celebrities name.

  • 1. Vin Diesel
  • 2. The Rock
  • 3. Samuel L. Jackson
  • 4. Jason Statham
  • 5. Bruce Willis
  • 6. Michael Jordan
  • 7. Pitbull
  • 8. Tyrese Gibson
  • 9. Ben Kingsley
  • 10. Aron Paul

Q. Does a beard look good with a bald head?

Yes, the beard looks good with a bald head. Because lots of men & women love bald beard people. But you have to choose a perfect beard style for your clean head.

Q. What should bald guys wear?

Without confusion, you can start to wear any type of dress with a bald head. But you have to consent for the overall look. Try to choose a shirt, pants, and a T-shirt color & style. That can create a balanced look.

Q. Do girls like bald beard?

Yes, women like bald beard men more than clean face bald men. Most of the women agree stylish beard helps to grow a confident, masculine, stylish & strong feel for bald men.

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