10 Living Books for Christian Teen Girls

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Raising Christian teens isn’t so hard when you have a little help.  The Bible, a supportive church and great living books for Christian teen girls are three of my greatest tools!  I’ve read many of these books with my sweet teenage daughter and I’m always amazed at her growth and understanding on topics of growth in Christ, service and purity.  I pray your daughters find these books to be a blessing, too!

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Living Books for Christian Teen Girls


Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity was read aloud to my entire family (boys included) and had us hooked from the very beginning.  Each chapter includes a part of a book-long fairy tale where we watch the princess struggle with the world’s idea of purity versus what she has been taught her whole life.  After the fairy tale “episode”, a real-life story and devotion follows in each chapter.  We would typically read the fairy tale one day and the devotional part the next.  Good stuff! P.S. My oldest son would NEVER admit he enjoyed this book, but I know it gave him a great picture of his role as a “prince” to his future bride.

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption is a beautiful, real-life account of an eighteen year old girl who answers the call of mission work in Uganda.  We have read many biographies of women in missions, but most of those women lived long ago.  Katie is current and that goes a long way in the power of the book.

The Three Weavers: A Fairy Tale (1905) is a Lamplighter book – one of two I have added to this list.  In the book, three daughters have been given a loom and golden thread with which to weave ideals of their future princes.  Each girl’s father has a different response to the project, making a big impression on her marriage relationship.  It’s a beautiful tale of purity and a parent’s care that isn’t to be missed.

A Basket Of Flowers is another book where the father has a big impression on the character of his daughter.  In the book, the father who raises his daughter on his own teaches her much about life on earth and life in heaven.  When trials arise, the daughter remembers the teachings of her father and refuses to compromise her character.  A few tears were shed as we read this book!

Apples of Gold: A Parable of Purity is another fairy-tale like story that also happens to be a quick read.  Two sisters, who are very different from one another, are each given apples from the governor of their island to protect for the prince until he returns in one week’s time.  Rather than give the story away, I’ll just tell you that one girl tends to her apple well and the other doesn’t.  The results are very interesting.


Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty is an honest discussion about why modesty is such an important practice.  The author tells it like it is as she explains the “power” the female body can have on boys and men.  Not for the highly sheltered or young teen, but a practical and important read.

Stepping Heavenward is the story of “one woman’s journey to godliness.”  In journal format, the book walks you through the trials, joys and everyday life of a woman who learns that true happiness comes from serving God by serving others.  This book will challenge your walk with the Lord.

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael is a biography of the missionary who spent 53 years in India.  Amy is the brave Irish missionary who rescued young girls from temple prostitution slavery.  Her story is quite powerful.


A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart can serve as literature or a Bible study.  The author, Elizabeth George, focuses on building priorities in life that include prayer, joy and faithfulness.  At the same time, practical and Biblical application is given for issues younger teen girls may face in this world.

Beyond Waiting encourages teens and young ladies to use their life for the glory of God no matter their their singleness.  So many girls these days are thinking only about the next boyfriend, or waiting for their prince to sweep them off their feet.  This book challenges girls to focus on the Lord and His work while waiting.

I’d love for you to tell me YOUR favorite living books for Christian teen girls!

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