10 Must Visit Campervan Destinations in the UK

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It’s been about six month’s since we purchased our bright yellow, ex AA Ford Transit. Those six months have flown by and it’s allowed our dreams to run riot. We’ve got so many ideas and plans (even super exciting, once in a lifetime travel the world type plans). It’s been six month’s of just letting our imagination run wild (and then looking at how much it all costs and reigning it in a little…).

In six month’s we’ve been on our first few outings in our van conversion, starting with places a little closer to home like a few odd nights away before a Wolf Run (muddy obstacle course). And of course, we spent a sunny weekend away in Cornwall for a long weekend over the UK Summer Bank Holiday.  

We’ve learnt that holidaying in the UK, even just down the road, can be an amazing little adventure in our van conversion baby. So when Wessex Vans approached Sage Adventures with this inspiring list of UK places to travel I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. It’s given us plenty of inspiration for future trips that we’re really looking forward to trying out when we next get chance.

Why travel the UK in a campervan?

The beauty of a campervan is the freedom to drive anywhere you want, whenever you want. Living in the UK gives us access to plenty of green places away from our regular lives in the busy cities. There’s also plenty of history and culture to get stuck into with British history spanning hundreds of years – back to ancient roman settlements and old fairytale castles.

Not only that we have 31 World Heritage sites and 15 National Parks. So whether history is your thing or being outdoors in nature, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in a campervan trip around the UK. Take a look below to see the 10 best places to visit in your campervan in the UK. Wessex Vans have done all the hard work, sifting through the vast number of options the UK has to offer. You’ll even find some handy references about where to stay and what facilities are on hand.

Have you visited any of these amazing 10 locations in the UK in your campervan? Get in touch to share your stories or comment below.

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Originally posted by Wessex Vans (copyright holders of the infographic content) and shared on Sage Adventures. To see their original work please take a look here.

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