10 Popular Front Door Colors for Brick Houses

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Are you looking to up your curb appeal with an awesome new front door color but aren’t quite sure what hues work best with brick? We got you! Check out 10 popular front door colors for brick houses below.

10 Popular Front Door Colors for Brick Houses

1. Blue-Gray

Blue-gray pairs beautifully with brick, particularly red brick.

Image via @number_twentyseven feat. paint color: ‘Inchyra Blue’ by Farrow & Ball

Image via @news_from_elbie_mews, feat. paint color: ‘Oval Room Blue’ by Farrow & Ball

2. Black

Can’t go wrong with a classic black front door!

Image via Brick and Batten

Image via Ham Interiors

Image via @housetohomeatlast 

Image via 6sqft, photo by BWA Architects

Image via Home DSGN, photo by Mike Sinclair

Image via Unsplash, by Bruno Martins

3. Blue

Be brave with a bold pop of color – bright and navy blues compliment red brick perfectly.

Image via Home Stratosphere

Image via Good Housekeeping

Image via Houzz, by Designerpaint feat. paint color: ‘Drawing Room Blue’ by Farrow & Ball

4. Dark Green

Dark green shades like Hunter Green, Forest Green and Olive compliment earthy brick tones nicely.

Image via Farrow & Ball

Image via @trinityvilla_reno

Image via Modern Masters

Image via Houzz by Designerpaint, in paint color: ‘Card Room Green’ by Farrow & Ball

5. Sage Green

On trend and very popular right now, sage green is the perfect modern-neutral color choice.

Image via @cherrywoodhouse feat. paint color: ‘Treron’ by Farrow & Ball

Image via Houzz by Dyer Grimes Architecture

Image via Fifi McGee

Image via Domino, photo by Callie Hobbs

6. Teal

Cheeky and cheerful, a bold pop of teal signals that someone fun lives here!

Image via Houzz by CLPM Limited

Image via Pexels, by Lina Kivaka

7. Pink

A fun and flirty pink front door oozes character but might not be for everybody – looks great with brick though!

Image via Hunker, photo by Carrie Waller

Image via @the_haddon_home

Image via @acorn_cottage_

Image via @georgianhouseproject feat. paint color: ‘Cinder Rose’ by Farrow & Ball

8. Red

In old early American tradition a red door means “welcome”, a signal that friendly and inviting people live there. In Feng Shui a red door is meant to be “good luck”, and symbolic of auspicious energy. That must be why it’s so popular!

Image via Unsplash, by Landon Martin

Image via Unsplash, by Annie Spratt

Image via Houzz by Designerpaint

9. Yellow

Uplifting and cheerful, a bright yellow front door makes a bold statement.

Image via Unsplash, by Samuel Mcgarrigle

Image via House Beautiful

10. White

Classic white pairs beautifully with brick and looks especially striking paired with crisp white trim.

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