10 Trends You’ll Be Wearing All Spring Long

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Fashion trends come and go at the start and end of every season. This article will showcase a collection of fun and interesting fashion to play with all season. Each trend can be customized to your own personal style by the fit, color, how it’s styled, etc. If you are interested in seeing the upcoming fashion trends for Spring 2020, please keep reading.

1. Stark, white shirt

There’s nothing like a white, crisp button-down, but why not spruce it up some? The white button-down is a signature staple that should be in every women’s closet. I am sure you have one, so why not invest in one that’s a little bit different. The shirt below has these cool, hand-drawn faces on both sides of the shirt. You can let the faces on the shirt be the statement piece of your outfit, or you can make the edgier with bold accessories and bottoms.

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2. Shimmery dress

This would be the perfect party outfit for every girl. Shimmery ensembles are going to major trends in the upcoming spring season. If you feel a bit uncomfortable wearing this, you can always try your luck on purchasing a shimmery dress to wear on a night out. The daring and sexy style of this dress will be way more forgiving during the night time.  This dress would also be the perfect date night dress. You can select different silhouettes or fits to make your style better and make you feel more comfortable.

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3. Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves can give an excellent romantic feel to any outfit. If you are someone that loves to feminine and soft look, then this will be the perfect piece to add to your closet. These would look great styled with mom jeans, denim shorts, or a tight cute skirt.

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4. Suits

Want to look like the boss babe that you actually are? There is no time like this season to invest in a nice pantsuit. They come in various colors, so there is one out there for you for sure. If you have trouble finding one that fits you well, do not fret. Suits generally need to be tailored in order to look their best. Almost everyone that has a suit knows that at one point, you will need to tailor them.

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5. Short Shorts

You should always show off what you got. Whether it is a great pair of legs, a nice butt, whatever it is if ya got it to flaunt it. There’s nothing wrong with highlights your body type. This article of clothing can be hard for some that are self-conscious, which is completely understandable. You can always style these with a long sleeve shirt or sweater like it is styled in the picture below. Styling your short shorts like this will prevent you from feeling naked and exposed.

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6. Bright colors/ Neon

Bright colors will be coming at us full force this season. Neon colors were also a huge trend last season, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. The picture below showcases a bright, deep purple and an electric-looking orange. If this kind of outfit is too bold for you, you can, of course, stick to only one bright color in your outfit. The product linked below is a look like of the orange trousers in the first photo. These would be great to add to your work outfit if you want to play with the bright colors trend.

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7. Polka dots

Polka dots are a simple and classic look that anyone can wear. Both outfits pictured below showcases a black polka dot crop top. These kinds of tops can be dressed to be casual or for a night out. You can even play with texture by pairing this top with heavy silver jewelry and a tight skirt, or maybe a pleather skirt. You make the outfit as out-of-the-box or as traditional as you would like.

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8. Mint Green Crop top

Pastel colors are usually in trend during every Spring season. Mint Green is most likely going to be one of the most played with pastel this spring. The easiest way to style this would be with plaid, like pictured below. The blend between white and mint will make it more versatile and as a result, easier to dress with other clothing pieces.  This top would look really great paired with a denim mini skirt. You can wear whatever shoes necessary for that outfit like if you are going to brunch, you can dress it up with wedges or wear some white Chuck Taylor’s to make it more casual

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9. Metallic skirt

Metallic can be hard to style and can be intimidating for most as a result. The easiest way to style something so adventurous would be just to pair it with classic and simple pieces. For example, the picture below shows a metallic skirt with a black top, purse, and shoes. The outfit also has minimal jewelry to not overwhelm the ensemble. If you keep everything neutral then, it will look great. But if you are a fashion daredevil, do your thing! Style it however you like.

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10. Shirtdress

A nice shirtdress is a cute and effortless look that anyone can achieve. They are universal, so they are very easy to style. You see a lot of these on Instagram, where a girl styles it with thigh-high boots. The shirtdress typically styled on there is a long-ish t-shirt of Iron Maiden, Metallic, or some other famous rock band. This is also great looks but looks more rocker chic that the outfit depicted below. The picture below shows a more classic kind of chic. With this knowledge, you should feel comfortable knowing that this dress is worth the cost considering, it can be styled to illustrate so many different styles.

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What are some spring fashion trends you will be trying next year?

Featured Image Sourced from Pinterest

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