12 Beautiful Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

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Our new home is about 700 square feet smaller than the home we’re leaving. Which essentially means that I am losing my home office space. I have been pretty bummed about losing one of my favorite spaces in my house, but it is what it is.

Instead of crying in my coffee over losing my dedicated office, I am taking it as a challenge to create a beautiful and functional office space in a corner of what will be our guest room. As usual, when I need inspiration I scour the internet for ideas. Here are some of my favorite small home office spaces that have been giving me great inspiration!

I love this small writing desk with the pink accents and tufted chair. It takes up very little space but still looks quite functional, and the desk looks like it has some good storage despite it’s small size. 

Via Houzz

I love the open shelves on either side of the desk. And I’m really digging the natural wood elements.

I would pass out if I had a little space like this as an office! Can you imagine, with that balcony right behind the desk? And that chair is just beautiful!

I know this isn’t technically an office space, but organization like this makes my heart go pitter-pat. I love the use of the small closet to keep all the office supplies organized and neat. I will definitely be doing this in my new house!

I think this L-shaped desk is just awesome! I love the use of shelving on one side of the desk for added storage. This is a great use of a little corner!

My husband would love it if I can figure out a way to make our office space big enough for two people. He doesn’t often work at home but when he does, he appreciates his own space. I’m not sure I can pull it off, but this simple set up would work really well if I can manage it.

Speaking of an office for two, this one is so amazing! I love the IKEA cabinets she used as bases and I adore the open shelves on the wall! I also like how she used two different styles of chairs unique for each user: his and hers. 

Oh goodness, this little office corner calls to me! I love the blue on the walls, the white desk with a simple vintage style chair. I love the framed chalkboard with the boxwood wreath. Yes, I could work here for sure!

This is another small office that I just adore. I love the colors and the use of book cases on either side of the desk. I love that the desk is facing the window, too! 

This beautiful space is so chic! The white with gold accents is very trendy right now, and I love the pink accents! So fun! The floating shelves really work well. I love that the space is small but the storage potential is plentiful!

This space is so refreshing! Simple white furniture and walls, beautiful wood floor, lots of storage with the shelves and right next to a patio door. Yes, please!

I have to admit, this is my favorite space. Jenni over at Dear Lillie is one of my favorite bloggers/designers. I love pretty much everything she does! This is most likely how I will set up my home office: a simple but elegant desk, a comfortable upholstered chair, and my guest bed on the other side of the room. I will likely add some book cases on either side of the desk, however, because I own a TON of books! 

What do you think of theses spaces? I think these are such wonderful ideas for making a small office space work in a shared guest room. As much as I’m going to miss having a dedicated office space of my very own, I think I’m going to enjoy tackling this challenge!

Do you have a dedicated office space or do you get work done in a shared space?

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