12 Best Hockey Helmet Reviews 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Your head is the most important part of your body and you know there are many ways to get a hit on it while laying hockey. That is why it’s by the rule that you wear a helmet when you play a match.

But not all the helmets are capable of ensuring the required safety of your head. So if you just pick one, you might end up having a fatal injury in your head.

After tons of research, we have come up with a list of some of the best hockey helmets. These top-rated helmets are capable of ensuring the top-notch safety of your head. We have enlisted the best helmets from the best brands and hope you will surely find the perfect one for you.

Here we will also talk about some of the helmet accessories that will increase your performance in the game. So without talking more, let’s jump into the hockey helmets review.


What is a hockey helmet made of?

Hockey helmets are made of composite materials. A complete hockey helmet is divided into different parts – the shell, foam lining, cage and shield, and different materials are used for different section.

The shell is generally made of vinyl nitrile – a high impact plastic, but sometimes ABS plastic is also used for their suitability to reduce concussion.
how hocky helmet made of
The foam is generally polypropylene foam. Some of the advanced helmets come with a combination of different types of foam of different thickness for heavy duty use.

Stainless Steel is used for cage construction. High carbon steel like A3 steel is used for the cage for their strength event in the form of wire.

The shield is made of polycarbonate. It’s most suitable for this job as it’s very strong against impact and gives a clear vision through it.

When should I replace my hockey helmet?


According to CDC, a hockey helmet have a life of 10 years whether you use it or not if not stored properly. But CSA recommends you change it even sooner. According to them, no hockey helmet can have more than 5 years of service life from the day of its manufacturing.

But you may need to replace your hockey helmet even sooner. If you notice any physical break down like, crack, tear, and wear, you should immediately replace it. Don’t ever play with an expired helmet because if you have an accident by chance, the helmet won’t be able to save you from serious injury.

What is a CSA helmet?

The term CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association. They are an authority to test the standards of different equipment, like hockey and bike helmets. Therefore, a CSA helmet is one that has met all the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association. To be a CSA certified, a helmet should undergo different impact tests and satisfy the conditions.

What hockey helmet is best for concussions?

Every hockey helmet is designed to reduce concussion. But not all have the same capability. As far as we have seen, the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet is the best for concussion for its advanced construction and quality materials.

How do I know my hockey helmet size? Hockey Helmet sizing chart

The first task to know your helmet size is to know the shape of your head – whether it is long oval or intermediate or rounded. The shape of your head and the helmet should be the same. Hockey Helmet sizing chart below
hockey helmet sizing chart
The next job is to measure the perimeter of your head at the forehead section. Use a measuring tape for this. Take at least 3 measurements to average them for more accuracy. The size of the helmet should be a little bit more than the measured size.

Top 12 Hockey Helmet Reviews for your consider

#1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Top model and best buy hockey helmet that you can get right now is Bauer IMS 5.0. Ask any expert on hockey helmet we’re certain that they will recommend you this one and there are good reasons behind that. This is the only one that provides the best performance at the best price. This is the safest hockey helmet of our list and that became possible by the heavy-duty construction by Bauer. The proof of its durability and safety is the certification from CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council).

This is a combo pack of Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet and Bauer 2100 facemask. Together, they provide you the best possible safety.

Starting from the top, the high impact resistance plastic outer cover is very strong. Hockey is played on hard surfaces like concrete, wood, and ice. Therefore, if the outer part of the helmet isn’t strong, it won’t be able to save your head from serious injury. The high impact plastic cover of this helmet is made from quality plastic materials and curved in such a way that it diverges the force. As a result, your head barely receives the impact which makes it one of the best hockey helmet to prevent concussions.

Inside, there is a thick foam layer all around. But the specialty of these layers is that they don’t make the helmet heavy despite their thick profile, in short, they are light. These layers don’t only give you protection from the danger of heavy impact but also makes the inner o the helmet comfortable for you.

The next thing that we want to talk about is the Bauer 2100 face mask. Although this comes with a traditional design, it’s engineered professionally and the build quality is superb. First of all this cage doesn’t block your sight because the wires are placed strategically at a nominal distance. These wires are strong and bonded professionally. As a result, it won’t break easily even if hit by a hockey stick.

Bauer also keeps the safety of your ear while designing this helmet. The integrated ear cover not only ensures the safety of your ear but also ensure enough comfort.

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo is available in three colors – black, navy blue and white. They to also offer it in three sizes – small, medium and large. As this helmet is adjustable, it will give you a perfect fit.

For safety, performance, and durability, you can certainly rely on this best Bauer helmet. We can assure you that this helmet and cage combo will satisfy your every need.

  • Durable construction.
  • Ensures maximum safety,
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Ear protection.
  • Adjustable hence fits nicely.
  • A reasonable price point for a quality product.
  • The only downside of this helmet is that it doesn’t have a shield

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#2. Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL

Franklin Sports has proved their ability to deliver quality hockey products and the GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask is not any different. This company is certified from the NHL of US and Canada and this helmet is available with the popular NHL team’s logos.

The first thing that everyone will notice is its design. The graphics are attractive and surely any youth will love this. The vinyl works on the molded high impact plastic outer shell not only give this one a great look but also gives strength against impact. As crafted as a Goalie mask, this helmet is a perfect one for the goalkeeper. Inside there are layers of thick foam. Quality foam lining helps this helmet to prevent concussion and makes it comfortable to wear.

The next thing is the cage. With a hardened steel construction and chrome finish, this cage doesn’t only give you protection from the ball or hockey sticks but also gives a good impression. An important thing about hockey helmets is usability. Luckily this one is very easy to wear and can be adjusted using quick snap elastic straps. This straps holds the helmet firmly and gives a nice grip.

One thing to notice about this hockey mask is that it’s only certified for Ball and street hockey, not HECC or CSA. That means you can only use this one for ball hockey, not for ice or puck hockey. So if you are looking for ice hockey helmet, this one is not for you.

Another thing to know about this helmet is that it’s made for ages from 6 up to 12. Therefore, although an adjustable one, it’s not an adult hockey helmet.

For street and ball hockey, this is the best youth hockey helmet that you can buy right now.

  • Attractive design.
  • Strong cage for safety.
  • Comfortable form lining.
  • Ideally suited for youth.
  • Adjustable and easy to fit.
  • Not for ice or puck hockey.

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#3. Franklin Sports NHL Team Licensed SX Comp GFM 100

If you are looking for best hockey helmet for kids, then we suggest you SX Comp GFM 100 Goalie Face Mask from Franklin.

This goalie mask is molded from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is strong against impact hence, the maximum safety is ensured by this helmet. The AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD is anti-microbial. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the acne and other skin diseases even if your kid wears this for a long time.

For the vented shells, there is always an air circulation in the head, therefore, it keeps the head cool, prevents skin infections and gives ultimate comfort to the user. The foam paddings are thick and soft. Therefore, it can absorb the concussion and makes it comfortable to wear.

Franklin has crafted this mask professionally. For example, the back palate is large, therefore, there is no chance to get hit in the neck. Again the extended chin and jaw save the face of the player for any type of hazard. With the adjustable feature, this helmet is very easy to wear and the elastic straps make its job easier.

The cage comes with steel construction. It’s welded and therefore, there is no chance to break. Furthermore, the chrome plating makes it durable and gives a nice look.

One thing to know about this hockey helmet is that it’s only certified and recommended for street hockey or ball hockey, not for ice or any kind of hockey that is played with the puck.

SX Comp GFM 100 Goalie Face Mask is available with four NHL team logo and is for ages from 5 to 9. Therefore, if your little one needs a helmet, you can go for this one for maximum safety and durability.

  • Vented shell design for air circulation.
  • Full coverage of the head.
  • Adjustable size gives a nice fit.
  • Antimicrobial technology prevents skin infection.
  • Easy to wear and adjust.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • For heavy use, this helmet is not recommended.

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#4. Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard

If you are in a tight budget and still need to best one for the protection of your little one, then the Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard will be a perfect one for you.

The reason why this is best for kids is its lightness. Kids can’t wear heavy helmets and if they do, they may face problem in the neck. But don’t think this helmet as a toy. Although, it’s light, it’s capable of ensuring enough safety of your beloved one.

The plastic shell is curved in such a way that the impact is primarily received by the outer shell. The foam liner inside is thick and soft. Therefore, it doesn’t only saves the head from a concussion but also makes the helmet comfortable to wear. The chin portion is also padded which is a saver when someone falls sideways.

The cage is also durable and the wires are closely spaced. Therefore, there is no chance of passing the ball. Although this helmet is strong enough for kids use, it’s not recommended for ice hockey as it requires more strength in that condition.

For street hockey, you can certainly depend on this hockey helmet for the safety of your kid spending little bucks.

  • Very reasonable price point.
  • Lightweight hence comfortable to wear.
  • Chin padding for chin protection.
  • Easy to adjust straps.
  • Durable and strong cage.
  • Vented shell for air circulation.
  • Not recommended for ice hockey.

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#5. Franklin Sports NHL League Logo Mini

If you are a big fan of hockey and looking for helmets for your collection, then we have a piece of good news for you. Franklin Sports NHL League Logo Mini Goalie Mask is available with 30 different popular US hockey team’s logo, you will certainly find your favorite one.

Although a collectible having dimension 4.5″ X 5″ X 4″, this features full functionality. But the only downside is you can’t use it for playing hockey, not even your dog can.

What makes it a good choice for collection is its build quality and design. Anyone will be fooled because of the real-life cage and shell design of this helmet. The back plate is also adjustable.

This mini goalie mask comes within a transparent plastic cage. That means you don’t need extra arrangements for the show.

Miniature hockey helmets are hard to find, and as a hockey fan this item is a great option for you to enrich your collection

  • Full functional design.
  • Available in 30 different US team logo.
  • Transparent plastic cage for show.
  • Colorful and attractive.
  • The golden finishing isn’t that much durable

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#6. No Sweat Hockey Helmet Liner

One of the major problems that every hockey player face while playing hockey is sweating. This is normal to sweat a lot when you are continuously on the run for 60 minutes, right?

Body sweat isn’t a big issue as it doesn’t harm your sight. But sweating from the head is a big problem. This is because the sweat forms fog in the helmet lid and block your sight. In addition, the sweat also creates odor which is very disgusting. Moreover, it has been reported that this can lead to head acne.

But no sweat has something that can give you relief from these problems.

As the name suggests, the No Sweat Hockey Helmet liner keeps you free from sweating. In addition, this helps to prevent acne and fogging. For this reason, this anti sweat hockey helmet liner is preferred by NHL players like TJ Oshie and referees.

For longer playtime, this helmet liner is an ideal one and there are a couple of reasons behind that. First of all, the no scent technology keeps you free from the stains and odors and the helmet lid cleaner. The hypoallergenic technology makes it comfortable for those who are allergic to certain materials and prevents acne and irritation of the skin.

This liner is thin and soft, therefore, it won’t create any distraction or discomfort when you play. As this liner has instant sweat absorbing capacity, it prevents sweat from dripping off.

The installation process is straight forward. You just need to take a strap, pill it and attach it to the forehead section of your helmet.

These no sweat liners are available in 2, 6, 12, 25 or 50 straps. Therefore, if you haven’t tried any no sweat liner before, we suggest you give this thing a try. I’m certain that you will notice the difference.

  • Easy to use.
  • No scent technology prevents odor.
  • Instantly absorb capability.
  • No sweat dripping.
  • Thin hence comfortable.
  • Hypoallergenic and prevents acne.
  • Sometimes the glue fails and liner pills off from the head.
  • Price isn’t reasonable.

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#7. Tron S920 Hockey Helmet Cage & Shield Combo (Senior)

If you are super serious about your safety, the Tron has got something for you. Tron S920 hockey helmet cage and shield combo come with a robust built quality that doesn’t only gives you protection from hazard but also lasts long.

The shield is made of polycarbonate. Therefore, the high impact of puck or ball and even hockey sticks can’t bring any harm to this shield. As curved professionally and transparent like water, this doesn’t create any destruction of your sight. There will be no fog build up in this shield as it is treated to prevent fogging. Therefore, if you sweat a lot, this will be a great choice for you.

The cage is strategically designed as the vents are located in such a way that this gives you some degree of advantage in the game. Electrostatic painting ensures its durability and the paint won’t wear out that easily.

Because of a floating chin cup, this is super easy to adjust this cage and you will have a nice grip. Tron S920 Hockey shield and the cage are approved by Hockey Equipment Certification Council which means the quality and performance of it is fairly unquestionable. Therefore, for safety, durability and strategic advantage, having this shield and cage will keep you ahead in the game.

  • Strong high impact shield.
  • Anti-fogging technology for a clear view.
  • Strategic cage design.
  • Electrostatic painting for durability.
  • Can be heavy for some people.
  • Not for smaller helmets.

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#8. WARRIOR PX3H5 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

WARRIOR PX3H5 is one of the best ice hockey helmets that stands up above the crowd because of its perfect fit for players of any age and head size.

The main task of an ice helmet is to protect the layer from the impact of the puck or the hockey stick and WARRIOR PX3H5 handles this well. In the upper portion of, there is a high impact plastic shield that works as the primary protector.

Inside there are three layers of foam. These foam are selected in such a way that they absorb the impact as much as possible and rarely delivers any to the head. Apart from that, these layers also make the helmet comfortable to wear. Although there are 4 layers of foam, because of their thin profile, they won’t create any discomfort to the player

As said earlier, this helmet is superior for fit. This becomes possible by a single adjustment dial. This provides a 360-degree fit and hence a perfect grip.

WARRIOR PX3H5 Ice Hockey helmet is available in three colors with three different sizes. You can also choose from the cage and without cage ones. For comfort and a nice fit, you can certainly rely on this best hockey helmet from Warrior.

  • Three layers of foam for maximum impact protection.
  • Low profile layers for comfort.
  • Easy to adjust with one dial.
  • Perfect fit and nice grip.
  • Three different size and wide color options.
  • Normal quality snaps.
  • There is no shield in this helmet.

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#9. GY PC300 Thicken Polycarbonate with Steel Combo

The GY PC300 is a free size hockey helmet shield and cage combo. As GY claims, this one is compatible with 90 percent helmets. This means, there is a good chance this will be a perfect fit for an adult helmet.

The cage is made of A3 steel. The benefit of A3 steel is that it remains strong even in the form of thin wire. Therefore, this cage will withstand the high impact and ensure enough safety. The ribbon and chin cup comes with different color and this may be awful for some people but the color combination is fair.

Next comes the shield. GY use polycarbonate for the shield which s generally used for helmet shield. The difference is that they have made this shield thick. Therefore, it’s better capable to ensure safety. Now you may think that thickness may cause harm to your sight, but it won’t happen. Despite having a thick profile, because of clarity and professional curving, this won’t raise any problem to your sight.

Another thing that the perfect hockey helmet must ensure is for prevention. As a hockey player, you must have experienced this matter that, just after a couple of minutes, shield starts fogging. This phenomenon is more severe when you play hockey is a cold and humid environment.  Luckily, this one is doesn’t fog at all. This will be a major advantage for you when you play a full-time match.

The GY PC300 is super easy to mount to helmets and all mounting kits are supplied by GY with the helmet. This combo also has chin cups with straps for a nice fit.

Within a moderate price tag, this shield and cage combo will certainly satisfy any user because of its durability, strength, and Performance.

  • Strong steel ensures maximum safety.
  • Easy to mount with supplied mount kits.
  • Fits almost any helmet.
  • Doesn’t fog at all.
  • Resistance to chemicals.
  • A little bit heavy.
  • The chin cup is of normal quality.

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#10. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Player Helmet

Franklin Sports NHL Mini Player Helmet is another collectible hockey helmet from Franklin. This is a miniature and measurements are 4.5″ x 5.5″ x 4.25″. If you are a hockey enthusiastic, you can have one of this for your collection. You can also have this one for your cat. We hope it will fit.

This mini helmet only comes in white color with a team logo. Currently, this is available with 13 different popular NHL team’s logo. Surprisingly, this one does have a protective shield and a fitting strap. The shield is made of polycarbonate and pretty strong. But there is no presence of a cage. We think that is fair for a miniature helmet of this size.

For autograph collection, we think this mini helmet is the perfect one because of its white color. Therefore, to enrich your collection, having some of this in hand will be beneficial for you.

  • Perfect for collecting autograph.
  • Fitting strap and polycarbonate shield.
  • Available with 13 different NHL team logo.
  • Suitable for a small pet such as a cat.
  • Only available in white.
  • No cage attached with the helmet.

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#11. FOCO 3D Brxlz – Helmet

Although this is a hockey helmet review, we have got something different that you might be interested in. This certain item of our list isn’t a real hockey helmet or a miniature. This is a set of approximately 1325 Lego blocks that can be joined together to form a hockey helmet.

These blocks are small in size and hence the finished product looks pretty good. With these blocks you will have a 4″ X 6.5″ X 5″ finished product. This pack has got a step by step instruction manual for

FOCO has officially licensed from the National Hockey League and logo of most of the popular team are available.  In my sense, FOCO 3D Brxlz is a great way to blend your love for Lego and Hockey together.

  • Smaller Lego pieces give a smooth finish.
  • The instruction manual makes it easy to build.
  • Popular NHL team logo is available.
  • Stability of the finished product isn’t satisfactory.

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#12. Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask

The thing that makes Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask unique is its minimal design. If you are a fan of low profile design then this is the thing that you might be interested in.

The main body is made of plastic and Mylec has used lightweight materials for this mask. Therefore, it won’t feel heavy. On the other hand, the vented shell makes the air circulation possible. This will help to keep your head cool. It will be a great advantage for you when you play a full-time match, especially in the hot weather.

Next comes the cage. Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask comes with a chrome finished cage. Although the arrangements of steel bars aren’t engineered well but look pretty well. It is to be noted that this helmet doesn’t have any protection shield. Therefore, if you think the shield is a must, this item isn’t for you.

Another thing you should know about this mask is that the foam padding in this mask isn’t that much thick. Therefore, we think that this may not hold the impact well and hence we don’t recommend this one for heavy use.

This mask is available in four colors and two sizes. The large size is for adults and there is another size that fits teen and youths. The price of this mask varies from mask to mask. Therefore, you can choose one according to your budget.

We will only recommend this helmet if you need a low profile helmet for light use. Also if you think that you need proper ventilation for your head, this thing is for you.

  • Low profile design.
  • Vents for air circulation.
  • Different color options are available.
  • Lightweight design makes it comfortable to use.
  • Variable price point.
  • Very thin foam padding.
  • No eye shield.

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Best Hockey Helmet Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider before Buying

Look for the perfect size and Shape

Before you go for any helmet, the first task is to know whether the helmet will fit or not. Therefore, you should measure the size of your head and know the shape of it. Now the helmet should be a little large for a comfortable fit. But don’t go for too large, you will have a hard time fitting it. Most of the manufacturer has a sizing chart. Check it first and see which one will fit perfectly.

Determine the Helmet Type

Not every helmet is perfect for all type of jobs. Therefore, you need to determine the type of helmet first.

A helmet that is made for ice hockey is both good for ice or puck hockey and ball or street hockey. That means if you buy a helmet for ice hockey you can use it for ball hockey also.

But a helmet made for ball or street hockey isn’t generally suitable for ice hockey. So you need a specific helmet for a specific game.

On the other hand, for goalkeeping, you need a goalie mask. This is because a goalkeeper needs more safety.

Check for the Strength of the Shell of the Helmet

The shell of the helmet primarily receives the impact. Therefore, it needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact. The shell is made of plastic generally. You have to ensure that it has a high capability of absorbing impact. Prefer buying one that is made of ABS plastic as it gives the best performance against impact.

The shape of the shell is also important. Special curving of the helmet shell is proven for better safety.

Make Sure the Helmet has Enough Padding

The shell primarily receives the impact, but it doesn’t store it. It’s then delivered towards the head and inner padding gradually absorbs it. Therefore, the good hockey helmet must have good quality foam padding that are thick. You will find that some of the helmets use multilayer of paddings of foam. You should prefer them for maximum safety.

Again, padding is not only for impact absorbance, but it also determines the comfort of a helmet. You will find helmets hard to wear if it uses low-quality paddings. So the thumb rule for padding is good quality thick layers of foam.

Prefer One that Doesn’t Create Skin Problem

Hockey is a long duration game and player will sweet within a couple of minutes for the continuous run. This can create skin infection easily and you know how bad head acne is.

To prevent such things, the first measures you can take it choosing a helmet that has a vented shell. Shell venting facilities the air circulation and greatly helps to prevent skin problem.

Again you may find yourself allergic to some materials. This can create great discomfort. As a solution, you can choose those helmets that have a non-allergenic lining inside.

Ensure Face, Chin and Ear Safety

While playing hockey, you can fall by any side and the ball or puck or the hockey stick can hit your head from any direction. Therefore, it’s wise to have an all-around safeguard for your head.

For the safety of your face, choose a helmet with a strong cage. The extra widening of the helmet in the chin and ear portion can save you from fatal injury.

Make Sure the Helmet is Easy to Use

Usability is a big issue for a helmet. The performance if a helmet greatly depends on it.

When we talk about the usability of a helmet, easy adjust ability comes first. Easy to adjust straps will be beneficial for this job.

The next thing that you have to consider is the weight of the helmet, especially if it is for your kid. Always have a lightweight helmet for them and also for you. This will be a great advantage in the game.

A Helmet That Doesn’t Block Your Sight

Your vision determines your performance in the game. So the helmet shouldn’t block your sight. For this, the wires of the cage should be placed strategically so that it doesn’t block your sight.

On the other hand, if the helmet has a shield, it should be clear. Fogging is a big issue for shield especially when you play hockey in humid and cold weather. So make sure the shield comes with no-fogging technology.

Compatibility with Helmet Accessories

A good helmet has to be compatible with helmet accessories. Because in the future, you may need some attachments for more safety and increase performance. For example, a helmet might not have a cage when you buy it, but it should have arrangements to install a cage. Same goes for the eye shield. If you sweat a lot, make sure you can use swat absorbing liner with the helmet.

Final Verdict

We are at the end of our best hockey helmet review and hope you have a good time reading it. We also hope you have already found out the most suitable one for you.

If you still have confusion choosing one, then we recommend you the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo for ultimate performance if you are an adult. For goalie mask for your kid, you can depend on the SX Comp GFM 100 Goalie Face Mask from Franklin. Again if you need a shield and cage for your helmet, the Tron S920 Hockey Helmet Cage & Shield Combo will be the best one for you within a reasonable price range.

Topical talks authority team again want to remind you that your head is the most important part of your body. So don’t compromise safety when you are buying a hockey helmet.

Thank you for being with us.

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