120 Clean and Warm Scandinavian Living Room Ideas That are Popular on Houzz & Pinterest

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Scandinavian design is generally focused on simplicity and comfort. If you need a snuggly throw, it should be plush, warm and beautiful. It should also be a solo piece; a trunk full would be too much. The examples listed here show just how comfortable the combination of simple colors and cozy fabrics can work to make a beautiful home.

Ice and Moonlight

This pale grey room features an accent wall loaded with rich texture. The space offers hearty furnishings with lightly designed side tables; an ideal spot to enjoy an engaging book and a cup of warm tea.

Source: https://reveny.se/

An Isolated Rainbow

This pearl grey sofa, loaded with plush cushions that just call to be used, is the anchor of a seating space well defined by a black and white geometric rug. The peach flowers and simple candles in the dual-sided fireplace add brightness and warmth to this summer image.

Source: https://www.houzz.com/

Lipstick Red

A pale grey room with white trim and a white loveseat may sound sterile, but the lipstick red accents on the wall art, clock and barstools create pops of color that can’t be compromised. Pale peach cushions and a spring green loveseat cushion create even more visual interest.

Source: https://www.jandwinspiredhome.com/

Gather and Stay!

The plush leather sofa and wide armchairs make this a family friendly spot. The coffee table pairing also offers a curved set of corners, ideally spaced to allow little ones to toddle around this space. A vaulted ceiling and simple natural wood trim increase the comfort of this space, as does the colorful wall art.

Source: https://www.stefanistein.com/

Books Make This Design

This spectacular grey apartment offers the urban dweller the chance to enjoy a bit of privacy with the creation of a book wall between the living room and the sleeping area. Full teal drapes add a spot of color and warmth in the sleeping area and the plush shag rug invites guests to pull up a big of floor and enjoy a game or puzzle on the coffee table.

Source: http://www.tatiananicol.com/

Efficient and Comfy

This space offers guests and visitors a comfy spot to hang out and grab a book or enjoy a fresh piece of fruit. Simple white bowls look wonderful on the aged coffee table and hanging lamps create a fun reading nook.

Source: https://abaton.es/es/

Striking Lines

Dark wood and a plush charcoal sofa with large seating ottoman make this cozy spot, warmed by a fireplace, an ideal spot to wind down on a snowy afternoon. White painted brick and a very tall mopboard give this space a clean, industrial look.

Source: http://krauze-arch.com/

Comfortable Austerity

Every inch of this long room can be a spot to enjoy a bit of privacy or a spot to hang out together. The rug in front of the fireplace could be a spot for reading or a place to snuggle with a loved one. The austere bench offers cushion and a throw, or could be used as a coffee table, and the plush smoky charcoal sofa is an ideal spot to curl up with a book.

Source: http://www.scandinavian-homes.se/

Barn Wood Paneling

Dark charcoal paneling makes every piece of wall art a unique gift to the space. The wheat-toned sofa, draped in dark grey and deep chocolate cushions, gives you a space to settle in and relax or study the art.

Source: https://www.introinterior.se/

Unique Flooring Tones

The deep browns and greys of this floor give this room a solid, stable footing. Grey furniture adorned with pretty rose cushions and natural wood along the fireplace wall makes the whole space into a comfortable and utilitarian room you can live in.

Source: http://fotofranch.com/

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