14 Free Blogging Apps for Your Android Mobile Phone

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This is a guest post from Rahul Krishnan, who is a blogger and a freelance writer. He was the topper of January ABC Leaderboard and thus the winner of this guest post opportunity. In this post, he reveals the free blogging apps for Android mobile phones.

When it comes to mobile operating systems, we all know about Android, right?

Android grabbed a large market share within a short span of time.

According to Wikipedia, Android is simply a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google.

Android mobile phones are being sought more than any other mobiles today.

The foremost feature that makes it number one is its ability to be customized.

I think you got an overview about Android. Now, let me bring you to the next section.

What is an Android App

Now, a mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

Software are essential for working on a Windows-based PC, isn’t it? Similarly, Android applications or Apps, in short, are needed for your Android mobile to perform different functions.

For example, MS Office is the office software pack in Windows, whereas, WPS is the office pack in Android.

Do you still need a definition for Apps? Wikipedia offers one as mentioned below:

“Applications (“apps”), that extend the functionality of devices, are written primarily in the Java programming language using the Android software development kit (SDK).”

It is as simple as that.

Nowadays, considering the huge impact of Android, App development has become a business. Many companies are working in this field.

According to a survey conducted in July 2013, there are about 1 million mobile apps in the Play Store (Google’s official app market), and they are already downloaded about 1 billion times!

There are many alternatives available for the same function due to the large number of apps for mobiles.

For example, for office apps there are Kingsoft Office and MS Office Mobile (Yeah, from Microsoft) as alternatives.

Why Bloggers Need Apps in Mobiles

Recently my friend and fellow Ahaian Ajay Pai (@ajishaan) asked me to suggest him a better tablet or iPad. He travels a lot, and that gadget helps him a lot with blogging.

If you are so much into traveling, then you must have a gadget like a mobile or a tablet in hand to update your blog regularly.

Anyways, this is not a Tablet vs. iPad post. What I am saying is that apart from a handy gadget, you have to make use of proper apps to blog from it.


Here comes the need of blogging apps. You cannot do anything without applications – it does not matter how expensive your gadget is.

I have categorized the list of free mobile phone blogging apps into several sections based on their usage.

They are – Platform Apps, Office Pack Apps, Word Processor Apps, To-do-list Apps, Photo-Editor Apps, and Note-Taking Apps.

Platform Apps


We all know that WordPress is the king of Content Management Systems (CMS). Over 69 million sites are on WP, according to research conducted in September 2013.

There are two types of WP blogs. One is the free wordpress.com, and another is self-hosted wordpress.org. We can access these two types of blogs from the WP Android application.

You get many options in this app like creating a new post, a new page, comments, etc. The most interesting feature is that we can record or capture a medium with your phone and instantly upload it.

There is also a settings option. However, unfortunately, it is for the app, not for the blog.

A few downsides are that we can change the settings of the app only from the dashboard. Another one is the absence of SEO features. We cannot tweak our content using a third party SEO plugin.

Therefore, I recommend you to create your content with this blogging app and draft it. Then you can publish it without any delay as soon as you reach home.

Read more about the WordPress mobile apps here. Get it’s Android version here.


This is the second blogging platform in terms of popularity. Blogger is the most reliable blogging app as Google itself owns it. This free mobile app also comes from them.

Its functionality is less as compared to the WP mobile app. But still, it satisfies your basic needs as a blogger.

Using this, you can post new entries, add photos and labels, put your locations, and schedule your blog posts.

You do not need to log into this app as you have an accessible Gmail account on your mobile. If you have multiple blogs in blogger, this app will not let you down.

It is meant to visit the dashboard of all your blogs.

Here also, I recommend you to draft your post and publish only when you are in front of your computer.

Download the Blogger Android app here.


This is another popular blogging platform. Yahoo owns Tumblr, and it is a microblogging platform.

As of February 2015, there are about 221 million blogs on Tumblr. This app for blogging also works on dashboard idea.

It also has all the necessary blogging options. The Android version consists of a clean and beautiful interface with navigation buttons.

Do you have a 2G mobile network? Don’t worry, this mobile app loads faster.

The main con is that it cannot show GIF images on home feed, and the general complaint is that the app is not Tablet optimized.

Read more about Tumblr app here. Get its Android app here.

Office Pack Apps

Kingsoft Office

This free mobile app is another office pack for Android mobiles. Many of my friends are using this application. None of them have had any issues with it yet.

So, if you do not like to go with MS Office, then this is the best alternative.

This Chinese office pack is also available for PC. However, it gets eclipsed by the giants of MS Office and Open Office.

Nevertheless, Kingsoft Office or WPS Office (its new name) is in the front row of Android office apps.

This app supports all executive file types like word, excel, power point and PDF.

Over 12 million people are using this free mobile phone app to edit, create, and view office files. As a bonus, they provide support for Google Drive, Drop Box, and Box.net.

Therefore, you can save files on cloud and access it from any place and any device.

Know more about Kingsoft office here. Download its Android app here.

MS Office for Android

I am sure that you are familiar with MS Office in your Windows PC.

Do you know this No. 1 PC software is available for Android since 2013? Why don’t you give it a try?

During its initial days, MS Office for Android got many negative feedbacks from its users.

Microsoft’s computer skills never helped them in the very first version, and at that time this mobile app was not free.

This factor pulled it back. However, they came back with a bang. Now this office app is completely free.

The user interface is not that clumsy. The remarkable feature is its One Drive compatibility.

Currently, this pack has no support for any other cloud services. But there is enough space (7 GB) for you in One Drive, which you can get for free.

Everything has a bright as well as a dark side. So does this free mobile app.

The biggest downside is that this app lacks support to some tablets.

Another one is related to document editing. There are not many formatting options available except some basic items.

Know more about MS Office for mobiles and tablets here. Get its Android app here.

(Quickoffice was once a popular app, however, it has been pulled out of the app stores because it has been integrated into the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slide apps.)

Word Processor Apps

If you do not want a full office pack, then check out this word processor mobile app.


This is the most popular and efficient word processor for Android. As the name suggests, this app is recommended for mobile-writers.

It is a very simple and clean word processor with only the necessary functions. So, Writer will not put you through a sea of dilemma.

However, that does not mean this free mobile phone app is featureless.

Are you a WP blogger? Then you must be very familiar with shortcodes.

In this app also, there are some shortcodes.

For example, if you type *I am Rahul*, then the result will be “I am Rahul”. There are also some other codes available that help you in blogging.

We can save it to local storage (SD card or phone memory). But we cannot sync or share the content with this app.

Don’t hold your forehead, as this feature will be included in a future update of this free blogging app! 🙂

Download it’s Android app here.

To-Do-List Apps

Google Keep

Google grandpa is here again. 🙂

This app is a perfect contender for bloggers.

Actually, Keep is a calendar + Notepad utility. We can insert different tasks for different dates in this mobile app.

This app also supports creating a to-do-list on the basis of location. We can also categorize notes using different colors.

All the info that we put in it is stored in the cloud, and not on the local directories.

So it is easily accessible, irrespective of the place and device. “Reminder” is also an awesome feature in Google Keep.

Get its Android app here.


This is the wonder child among all the to-do-list free mobile phone apps because of the praise it grabbed in a short span of time.

This app is also available as a Chrome extension and as an iPhone app. This one also comes with timed and location based reminders.

The guys behind Any.do offer many features; however, presently only a few are useful for me. But it is clean, and simple UI is indeed a remarkable feature.

Know more about Any.do here. Get its Android app here.


Don’t read it as Todolist, as I often do. There is no “l” between o and i!

This is the grandfather of to-do-list apps. However, it became universal recently. This app will not let you down as their experience counts.

Todoist is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Moreover, you can use it from your browser as an extension or add-on.

There are also plugins available for your email software like Outlook or others.

As it is not-completely free, we have to spend a little ($30/year) to get the full usage of specs on this mobile app.

Know more about Todoist here. Download its Android app here.

Photo Editor Apps

Autodesk Pixlr

This app has been downloaded more than 2 million times. However, as an Android user, you may not necessarily be familiar with its name.

It is the most popular photo editing app. There are many features you will get for free here.

If you take some time to create an Autodesk account, you shall get many more pro-features.

You can apply effects while taking pictures. There are many more specs like filters, auto fix (for auto-adjusting colors, brightness and contrast), collage, and other exciting features.

Social media integration is also superb, as it is easy to post the picture on FB or Twitter.

The biggest downside is that this app gives no warning before exiting. So it is possible that you may lose your work when you accidentally tap on the back button.

Know more about Pixlr here. Get its free Android app here.

Photo Editor by Aviary

This free mobile blogging app does not require much knowledge to work with. It has many features available as in the Autodesk Pixlr app.

You will get photo frames, layouts, picture templates, effects and filters for pictures, social media integration and much more!

This is completely available for free. I am not going to kill your eagerness by explaining every bit. Just download and explore yourself!

Know more about Aviary here. Download its Android app here.

Cupslice Photo Editor

This editor is not that popular as compared to the other photo editor apps available in Play store.

However, I included it because it is a highly polished blogging app. You will not regret downloading this.

There are almost 50 awesome effects available along with many stickers, which update on a daily basis.

Collage, typography quotes, fast processing, social media integration, and there are many more to discover.

Know more about Cupslice here. Get its Android free app here.

Note Taking Apps


Hey, I know you guessed this name on your own. How can I not place this app on the top?

You can find Evernote on the Web; install it in your desktop, or also on your iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

So you can create, edit, and access notes from any device. There are many more features to come.

The core app is free, but there are some in-app purchase options too. Its photo uploading feature is awesome!

If you have a low-end device with RAM less than 1 GB, I recommend staying away from this app. It is because your phone will run at the speed of a tortoise after launching this app.

If your mobile has a RAM more than or equal to 1 GB, then don’t wait and grab it now!

Know more about Evernote apps here. Get its free Android version here.

Microsoft One Note

Are you a fan of Microsoft? Then this app is exclusively for you.

Its biggest spec is the comprehensibility of tools. We can easily use them without much hesitation as compared to Evernote.

Its new design is far more interesting and constantly syncs with SkyDrive to keep the “freshest” copy available.

There are some flaws also when considering its One Drive integration.

Know more about the Microsoft Onenote apps here. Download its Android version here.

What Do You Think

So, these are all the free blogging apps for your Android mobile that I recommend.

I tried my best to come with 2-3 alternatives to choose from.


Just download one and use it for about three days. Then take a back-up, uninstall, and use any other alternative app.

This way you will get to know what suits you. Do let me know your feedback also.

Over To You –

Do you use any blogging apps? Which is your favorite free mobile phone app for blogging? Which features do like or use the most? Share in the comments.

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