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Changing your front door colors can transform your exterior and bring curb appeal to your home. Here are the best front door colors that look amazing on modern front doors. So, we searched high and low and found some great trending painted front door ideas.

Not only are we about to show you modern front door ideas of beautiful different paint colors, but we’re also about to give you a little meaning behind what specific front door color ideas say about you as a homeowner with a little taste of history.

You won’t want to miss out on seeing these modern front doors.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own.

Popular Front Door Colors

What color is your door right now?

Black? Brown? Blue? White?

These front doors will bring inspiration to you to change that color, so if you feel inspired after reading this post to paint your front door check out our How to Paint your Front Door without Removing it post.

And for all those who really love creative curb appeal check our DIY Exterior Dutch Door post for more inspiration.

Now let’s get started looking at paint colors and making a greater first impression on your exterior.

Black Front Doors

Peony & Honey

Two Hens Styling & Design

A black front door is said to be simple and elegant, and we agree. And black is on the list of favorite colors when it comes to front doors. Sometimes it’s hard to pick what color you want your front door to be, and black is the perfect color to settle on because it is a neutral color that just about matches everything.

There’s a lot of personalities that can be added by a wreath on a black front door or even with the decor that you add on your porch around it. For our first of many front door ideas add some Tricorn Black SW 6258 by Sherwin Williams for a try.

Sherwin William Tricorn Black SW 6258

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Navy Blue Front Doors

Queen Wood Designs

Navy blue front doors are super traditional. Those that choose blue for their doors usually have deep family roots.

A navy blue front door almost makes us want to change the color of our door just because we love our families so much.

Try this Sherwin Williams color called In the Navy SW 9178.  It may bring some tradition to your front door.

Sherwin Williams In The Navy SW 9178

Gray Front Doors

The Natalie Scott

Debbie’s House

Gray is a color of compromise. Not too dark and not too light.

It still carries the elegance in addition to the cleanliness that white brings.

Gray is for sure a trending color for modern front doors.  Why not some Kitty Gray by Benjamin Moore on your front door.

Benjamin Moore Kitty Gray 1589

Red Front Doors

The Morris Manor

Ben J’s House Renovation

Red front door ideas have the most intriguing history.

In Scotland, homeowners would paint their front door red to signify that they had paid off their mortgage.

In early American history, a red door signified that a home was welcoming. The red door was a way of communicating with tired travelers, traveling by horse and buggy, that this was a safe place to rest for the night and have a warm meal.

Now we’re on the bandwagon to paint our door red like this Currant Red 1323 by Benjamin Moore. Decisions! Decisions!

Benjamin Moore Currant Red 1323

Yellow Front Door Color

A yellow door says welcome. Picking a yellow front door color can be tricky but no worries in selecting this colored door because we have it all solved for you.

Isn’t this door lovely? This door belongs to my niece and her beautiful home in Maine and it is my favorite of the bright colors.

If you are thinking yellow then try Spun Honey from Valspar paint. You can find Valspar paint in Lowes.

And did you know you can get this color in spray paint, paint pen, touch up bottle, pint, quart, and gallons? How cool would it be to paint your front door this color and then buy some spray paint and paint a pot or something else outside the exact same color?

This color looks good on white houses, grey, stucco, and brick. No matter where you live this yellow door would fit in nicely and welcome guests into your home with a smile.

Valspar 2008-2B Spun Honey

Pink Front Doors

Our first pink front door paint color is Sherwin William SW 6590 Loveable. Pink can be a tricky color to pick out which is why I wanted to bring you some great ideas.

My friend Alieta has a popular pink door on her Instagram @alietatreasurehunting where her door gets shared a lot because of those blush pink color tones.

Pink is a great combination with a grey home or a white home.

Sherwin Williams SW 6590 Loveable

Shining On Design

If you guessed that a pink front door gave off the feeling of romance, you were right!

Can you imagine a little girl growing up in a home with a pink door? She would feel like she was a princess and her home was her castle.  So for all those with a romantic heart try some Light Chiffon Pink 2000-60 by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Light Chiffon Pink 2000-60

White Front Doors

Happy Hound Family

Are you a lover of clean lines and organization? A white door might just be what you should pick!

It again is one that can be easily accessorized or just left beautifully simple!  For the neat lovers try some Pure White 7005 by Sherwin Williams.

Michaels Mini Farmette

Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005

Light Green Front Doors

Sugar Print Fairy

C. 1895

These light green front door ideas are dreamy.

They are inviting any guest that would approach them. This color for sure fits in the modern front doors category especially this Paradise Hills Green 550 by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Paradise Hills Green 550

Benjamin Moore Summer Basket Green 2040-40

Light Blue Front Doors

Hi Ya Papaya Mom

When we saw this front door, it made us giggle!


Because it’s the same color, Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore HC-143,  as our front door which you can see more of on our Small Front Porch Decor post!

It exudes a beachy relaxing state of mind or a cottage feel, and we LOVE it!  Just a look at this front door makes you want to unplug and enjoy life.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143


Now that you have some paint color ideas you might be asking how do I choose a front door color.

How Do I Choose a Front Door Color?

Typically your front door color is the same as your shutters or a different color altogether. You want your door to stand out and draw people towards it.

So if your house is a white house with black shutters consider a red door. If your house is all neutral tones think about a blue door. If your door is in a porch area, whether the porch is small or large, that is dark go with a lighter brighter color so it is easier to be seen.

And once you have your door painted add decoration to your door or porch, and one of these decorative house number ideas.

Sprucing up your front door is an easy thing to accomplish with a coat of paint. Now that you’ve seen several different painted front door ideas to choose from, let us know what color you pick if you choose to capture that modern front door look.

What are the Most Popular Colors for Front Doors?

  • Tricorn Black front door Sherwin Williams SW 6258
  • In the Navy blue front door Sherwin Williams SW 9178
  • Kitty Gray front door Benjamin Moore 1589
  • Wythe Blue front door Benjamin Moore HC-143
  • Paradise Hill Green front door Benjamin Moore 550
  • Summer Basket Green Benjamin Moore 2040-40
  • Pure White front door Sherwin Williams SW 7005
  • Loveable front door Sherwin Williams SW 6590
  • Light Chiffon Pink front door Benjamin Moore 2000-60
  • Currant Red front door Benjamin Moore 1323
  • Pink front door Sherwin Williams 6590
  • Yellow front door Valspar 2008 2B

I hope these front door colors has given your ideas for your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Happy Decorating!

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