18 Amazing Ideas For Your Home

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If you have some serious cash to burn then it could be the perfect opportunity to add something awesome to your home. Below are 18 different amazing ideas with something to suit everyone.
If you enjoy a bath with your loved one but often feel a little cramped, then we’ve found the perfect solution. Why not think about a two-person bath with separate compartments? You can both relax in your own space while still being in the presence of one another.
Maybe you’re thinking of buying your pampered pooch a present. Well, the bone shaped pool below could be just what he’s looking for! From a door that turns into a game of ping pong to a dining table with swing chairs, we guarantee there’ll be something here you’ll want to get for your home.

A door that turns into a ping pong table. A necessity of course!

Chilled produce drawers create extra fridge space.

Fancy a sleepover? You need this room to do it in style.

A door handle which turn off your gas and electricity when you go out. Awesome!

A library, slide and staircase all in one. Hours of fun and educational too.

Make your dog happy in the summertime! Find it here: Dog Bone Pool

A bed that never ends. Bliss!

Have fun at the beach whatever the weather!

A built in drying rack. Very useful!

A staircase that flips up to reveal a hidden room!

Why take the stairs when you can use this amazing stainless steel slide?

source: BuzzFeed

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