19 Kick-Ass Fitness Quotes to Motivate You

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For a lot of us, actually getting to the gym is the biggest hurdle of our workouts—but sometimes all it takes is a couple butt-kicking fitness motivational quotes to get us out the door. Once our shoes are laced up and we’ve got our heads right, suddenly hitting the elliptical at 6 a.m. or heading to a Pilates class after a long day at work doesn’t seem as brutal.

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Whether from Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, there are thousands of inspiring fitness quotes out there on the internet, and we’re a fan of referencing them whenever we need that a little encouragement. If you’re really trying to lose those few extra pounds—or just sick to a fitness schedule—we recommend making your desktop wallpaper to one of these well-designed fitness quotes or even setting an alarm to read one of them. Either way, a little motivation will go a long way.

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Here are 19 of the most inspirational health and fitness quotes around. Click through the slideshow to check ’em out.

Originally published August 2014. Updated March 2017.

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