20 Self Care Journal Prompts

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Hi there! How is
everyone holding up? Hopefully, everyone is adjusting ok to having to stay
inside a little bit more.

It’s normal to feel a
little overwhelmed as we all try to navigate what this means for ourselves and
our families. While most of us are (at least) a little worried, we are all
trying to be strong for our children, families, and friends. In the meantime, a
lot of us are holding back from expressing our anxieties, confusion, boredom,
and anxiety.

Journaling can help
with this.

Journaling has many helpful
benefits. Journaling can help with your personal growth and advancement as well
as help to cope with emotions you may be feeling right now effectively. By
frequently writing down your emotions, you can gain insight into your
anxieties, manners, and feelings to help keep anxiety and depression in check.

Journaling is a loving gesture for your mind and soul. Here are some journal prompts for self-care and self-exploration you can include in your daily routine. To begin, find a prompt that is calling to you and take 10-30 minutes to write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal or notebook. Don’t overthink what you are writing; no one will read this but you. Just keep your pen moving and your heart open.

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Stay tuned for MORE journal prompts, coming next week!

  1. What is your most proud moment?
  2. If you could share anything with the world, what would your message be?
  3. What song makes you happy?
  4. What is producing stress in your life right now?
  5. How do you need to be gentler with yourself?
  6. Who is your biggest hero?
  7. What are five things that inspire you?
  8. How can you add more impact to those closest to you?
  9. I am most proud of __________
  10. What would your ideal vacation look like?
  11. One thing I did today to bring myself closer to my dream__________
  12. What is your best personality trait?
  13. How have you been stopping yourself from achieving your goals?
  14. What is inspiring you at the present moment?
  15. The most soothing sound to me is________
  16. What is your dream career?
  17. What would you do if you had no fear of failing?
  18. What guidance would you give to your teenage self?
  19. What is one thing you accomplished that no one else thought you could?
  20. What relationships are holding you back right now?
20 Self Care Journaling Prompts from themoxiemama.com

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