2021 Prezidential NHL Power Rankings: Week 10

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NHL Power Ratings

The National Hockey League enters Week 10 of the 2021 NHL season, which means that most teams are entering deeper waters of the second half of the regular season. This week’s Prezidential Power Rankings offer a quick betting snippet on Prez’s top-15 teams, complete with a list of all NHL teams from No. 1 to 31.

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1. Tampa Bay Lightning
Previous ranking: 1
Upcoming schedule: @Dal March 23, @Dal March 25, @Car March 27, @Car March 28

This TB team is #1 in goal scoring, averaging 3.68 goals a game and #5 in D allowing teams to only score 2.32 goals per game. They are also #1 in the league in points and honestly can beat anyone anytime they want. Sure, they lose a few games here and there, but this team is not only #1 in my power poll, but they are #1 by a wide margin. This is one of the best teams all round that I have seen assembled in years and are in prime position to repeat as Champs.

2. Vegas Golden Knights
Previous ranking: 2
Upcoming schedule: @Col March 25, @Col March 27, vs LA March 29 vs LA March 31

This is the 7th best O team and the #2nd best D team in the league and although they don’t have the most points, they have 2-3 games still in hand over most. They are so fast on the ice with just incredible goaltending and can beat teams 2-1 or 6-5.

3. Colorado Avalanche
Previous ranking: 11
Upcoming schedule: @Ari March 23, vs Vegas March 25, vs Vegas March 27, vs Anaheim March 29

This is the biggest mover of the week, as they were in 11 spots last week, but after not beating but whipping Minny 2 games in a row and finally getting healthy, this is almost a perfect hockey team. The difference between them and Vegas is more resounding everywhere, but the Avs have the better star power. There is no-one on Vegas better than McKinnon and Makar, but two guys don’t make up a team. I can’t wait for these two teams to duel in the playoffs.

4. New York Islanders
Previous ranking: 3
Upcoming schedule: @Bos March 25, @Pitt March 27, @Pitt March 29

This Islander team might be the hardest team in the league to play against. They are #1 in D allowing. Only 2.1 goals per game, and regardless of how few goals they score, they always seem to score one more than the other team. They are also tied with Washington at the top of their division and, despite losing their Captain, are still just such a well-rounded, perfectly built team in the vein of the Blues when they won their cup. They have also won 10 of their last 12 games.

5. Washington Capitals
Previous ranking: 7
Upcoming schedule: vs. NJ March 25, vs. NJ March 26, vs. NYR March 28, @NYR March 30

It was hard for me to pick between the Islanders and the Caps, but it’s the D on the Caps that kept them below the NYI. They are the 3rd highest-scoring team, but their D is mediocre at best, and they don’t have a world-class goalie. I expect this team to go down the rankings slowly but should likely always remain a top 10 team

6. Carolina Hurricanes
Previous ranking: 4
Upcoming schedule: @Columbus March 25, vs. TB March 27, vs. TB March 28, @Chicago March 30

Like the Islanders, this is a tough team to play against. They are hard-hitting and fast. New York can hold opponents from scoring and can score with any team in the league. They are 7th in D in the league and 9th in goals for. They also boast the best PP in hockey right now. This team could win it all or go out the first round. I am still trying to fully figure the Canes out.

7. Toronto Maple Leafs
Previous ranking: 5
Upcoming schedule: @Ottawa March 25, vs. Edm March 27, vs. Edm March 29

The Leafs have just come off a horrible slump and finally won 2-0 against the Flames. I expect them to light it up over the next few weeks and break into the top 5. They are 6 in O and 9th in D, and that is despite not having great goaltending. This team can beat anyone, including the Lightening, and frankly, every team should be worried about them. They also have the 4th best PP in the league, and now with a goalie change on the horizon might break into the top 5 by next week.

8. Florida Panthers
Previous ranking: 6
Upcoming schedule: @Chi March 23, @Chi March 25, @Dal March 27, @Dal March 28

There is no reason this Panther team can’t keep moving up in this Power Poll. They are so well-balanced. I would like to see their D play better for them to enter the top 5. They have a monster star in Barkov and seem to get the job done almost every night. They are 2-2 vs. TB this year. This team, like the Canes, can move up or down over the next few weeks.

9. Minnesota Wild
Previous ranking: 8
Upcoming schedule: vs. Ana March 24, vs. STL March 25, @SJ March 29, @SJ March 31

This is a surprise team in the Top 10 and also maybe the most under-rated team in hockey. I need to see them consistently beat teams like Vegas and the Avs to get any higher, but the speed on this team is incredible, and they can score with anyone. The Wild issue is they don’t have a winning culture yet, and we saw this with their two losses to the Avs this past week.

10. Edmonton Oilers
Previous ranking: 11
Upcoming schedule: @Montreal March 24, @Montreal March 26, @Tor March 27, @Tor March 29

Best line in hockey, period, with the best player in hockey and an excellent coach. If they can find depth in their scoring, this Edmonton team can beat any franchise in the league. They are #1 in team scoring, and if they can get their goalie and D right, they could beat anyone in the league.

11. Winnipeg Jets
Previous ranking: 9
Upcoming schedule: @Van March 24, @Cal March 26,@Cal March 27, @Cal March 29

The Jets might have the best goalie and the best top 9 forwards in all of hockey. This is a deep, well-coached team that keeps winning. They need to shore up their D to move up in this ranking

12. Pittsburgh Penguins
Previous ranking: 13
Upcoming schedule: vs. Buffalo March 24, vs. Buffalo March 25, vs. NYI March 27, vs. NYI March 29

This Pens team has surprised me as they keep winning and have played great against Wash and the NYI. I think they might be a sales team moving forward. They are middle of the pack in both O and D, and I think they will drop in rankings as the season gets longer.

13. Boston Bruins
Previous ranking: 10
Upcoming schedule: vs. NYI March 25, vs. Buffalo March 27, vs. NJ March 28, vs. NJ March 30

It will be interesting to see where this team ends up at the end of the year as they still have one of the best top lines in hockey and the 4th best D. I need more consistency out of them and especially on O, as they are in the bottom half of the league in goals scored. However, they know how to win, which is crucial as we get into the 2nd half of the season.

14. St. Louis Blues
Previous ranking: 14
Upcoming schedule: @Min March 25, vs. Ana March 26, vs. Ana March 28

This Blues team has confused me as they win when I expect them to lose and visa-versa. They are a middle-tier team in goal scoring and, strangely, a bottom-feeding team on D., But they have had many injuries this year, and I expect them to move up the ranking.

15. Philadelphia Flyers
Previous ranking: 15
Upcoming schedule: vs. NJ March 23, vs. NYR March 25, vs. NYR March 27
The Flyers should be a top 5 team when all is said and done. They are deep at forward and have an outstanding goalie. They are in the bottom 10 in D right now, and this is what they need to fix moving forward.

16. Vancouver Canucks
Previous ranking: 16

17. Montreal Canadiens
Previous ranking: 17

18. Columbus Blue Jackets
Previous ranking: 19

19. Calgary Flames
Previous ranking: 20

20. Dallas Stars
Previous ranking: 21

21. New York Rangers
Previous ranking: 20

22. Nashville Predators
Previous ranking: 25

23. Arizona Coyotes
Previous ranking: 18

24. Chicago Blackhawks
Previous ranking: 21

25. Los Angeles Kings
Previous ranking: 18

26. San Jose Sharks
Previous ranking: 26

27. New Jersey Devils
Previous ranking: 27

28. Anaheim Ducks
Previous ranking: 28

29. Ottawa Senators
Previous ranking: 29

30. Detroit Red Wings
Previous ranking: 30

31. Buffalo Sabres
Previous ranking: 31

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