22 Interesting Questions To Ask Yourself For Deep Insights.

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Although we spend an excessive amount of time with ourselves, often we cannot understand the motives of our behavior: what we want, what we feel, why we react in this way, not otherwise. And this can lead to unpleasant consequences: wrong relations, disliked work, uncontrolled spending. Here are my favorite interesting questions to ask yourself for insights.

Now during quarantine, we have a perfect opportunity for the ability to know ourselves better. By answering a few questions, you will be able to understand yourself and your problem better, more in-depth, and more holistic. 

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Right questions to ask yourself.

 Only the right question guides and forces us to look for the right answer, which can become precisely the key that will open the cherished doors. Five components of the good question:

  1. It should strive for the result.
  2. The question should be simple and clear.
  3. It has to open up new opportunities.
  4. It has to make you think.
  5. And finally, the question has to give a boost to action.

Take the notebook, a pen, and get started.

22 questions to ask yourself for deep insights.

1 What is my ideal environment?

Imagine an introvert who has to contact a vast number of people every day. Or a sociable person forced to do projects alone for a long time. All these people cannot realize their full potential just because they are in an unfavorable environment.

Finding an occupation is not everything because any business can turn into a nightmare if you work in inappropriate conditions. The daily routine should not interfere but help you.

2 What are the best three memories of all my life? 

I love this question! It shows what can be called the essential things in our lives. People answering this question suddenly realize what the pivotal moments of their lives were: time spent with their family, moments related to the occupation of a favorite hobby, or travel. Think about how much time you’re spending on important things now.

3. What would I do if I knew I could do everything?

The main question worth asking yourself. It shows what you would do if you didn’t ‘t have fears and other reasons not to live the life you want.

Often we are afraid to be embarrassed because our aspirations and desires for a career do not correspond to our real knowledge or skills. And that’s why we’re not even trying. And this is a specific guarantee that your aspirations will never become a reality. We have to do it for ourselves and to declare loudly what we want to do and who we want to be, even if it is not easy, and without failures, it will not work.

4. What is right in my life now?

A Buddhist monk once said we too often ask ourselves the question, “What’s wrong?” by concentrating on the negative. Our lives would be a lot happier and more soulful if we asked ourselves about positive things. The answer to this question allows us to be grateful, at least for waking up this morning.

5. What are the three mistakes in my life I don ‘t want to repeat?

Our faults are divided into two types. The first type can teach us something new, and we move forward. And our «favorite» faults, which we repeat often. Now think, what “your favorite mistakes” are repeated year after year?

6. What is my best decision in the last past five years?

Five years ago, I decided to leave my home country. I got married far away from my family and friends and got into a completely different culture. But now I have a lovely family and a beloved son. The best solution in life is to believe the voice of your heart and go after it. What about your past five years?

7. What are my free sources of inspiration?

In our material world, we agree to pay a higher price for something beautiful and cool. But the most spiritual things remain free: a walk in the open air, privacy in the mountains, hugs with close people, laughter and smiles, good books (quite inexpensive). Make a list of the little things that inspire you and use them several times a week.

8. Do I feel envy? To whom do I envy?

We were taught what to envy – bad and strictly forbidden to do it. But envy is an exciting feeling that most often shows a subconscious desire to have the same as that of an object of envy. Jealousy must be transformed into a constructive emotion to understand its cherished wishes, which in turn tells us a lot about itself as a person.

9. Describe your life until today in 6-9 words.

This interesting exercise. Try to write the story of your life in 1-2 short sentences. Are you interested in reading it? What feelings do you feel looking at this story? You have the opportunity to keep writing your short story in your future. Don’t forget!

10. How did I sleep last night? 

We have to accept the fact that to some extent, our thoughts are influenced by the physical condition: how we slept, what we ate for lunch, how long ago we were hugged. In that sense, despite the big brain, we didn’t ‘t get as far away from babies as we once were. Take care of yourself; rest!

11. How do I feel when someone shows sympathy for me or tells me a compliment?

You may feel shy, nervous. Start getting fed up with this person or, conversely, try to escape. It is a characteristic response of a person who does not know how to love himself. It’s time to reflect on it, and the decision will come very soon.

12. What did I learn about the relationship with my parents?

Humanity is showing unprecedented growth in terms of technological progress. We are learning more and more effectively to transfer our knowledge. But we have not even made roughly the same progress in the emotional sphere. Because we do not realize sufficiently that negative patterns of behavior that we acquire in childhood, we also reproduce in adult life. Try to recognize your own before letting them out.

13. How would other people react if I explained to them how I feel?

Since we were often turned away from us, we learned to hide our “bad” thoughts when we were kids and teens. To become a mature person, you need to understand the basis of self-knowledge: the world of childhood is not the whole world. Fortunately, we became more eloquent and resilient than when we were five years old. Gain courage and express your feelings; it will give you a lot of energy.

14. When did I cry last time?

Most tears in adulthood are caused not by pain, but by the sight of something incredibly beautiful and close (reconciliation between father and son, sudden generosity of an inadequate person, beautiful garden). We remind ourselves of what this world wants to see, and we become sad that we so rarely see it like this.

15. What am I trying to say with my clothes and appearance?

Any clothes can be equated to the shape of a specific category of people. It reflects who we see ourselves to and which group we belong to. Also, our appearance can provide valuable information about some of our alarms. Did you ever think about this?

16. What prevents me from making decisions?

Our brain has its flaws. Be prepared that by making important decisions, you feel them on yourself. Take mistakes as an opportunity to learn about your weaknesses and take action. Be vigilant when you come to conclusions about your shortcomings, don’t let them interfere with you.

17. When was the last time I read a good book?

I like to read paper books, but recently they’ve been replaced by a laptop screen. Meanwhile, reading has many advantages. Without reading, a person does not expand his or her knowledge and does not load the brain as he or she would need to. Reading books forces us to think deeper, trains attention, fills memory, disciplines the mind, and develops imagination. When was the last time you read?

18. Where will my life be in five or ten years if I continue doing what I’m doing today?

Fortunately, many of us already have visions of where we want to be in the future. But, many of us spend time doing things that do not help us move closer to our goals. I have been there too.

We need to remember that our future life is dependent on the things we do today. Also if you have your plans, you live your life.

19. Why do I want to achieve my goals?

This question is important because it helps you identify why you are going after your dreams. If one of your goals is to find a new job, you need to understand what do you want from a new job? More money, more freedom, a different location, etc. Without knowing the “why” behind your goals and dreams, you minimize your chances of reaching your goals. Achieving your goals is a long and not easy process.  And if you understand your wishes and goals, it will give you purpose and motivation to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

20. Am I comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Nature has bad and good weather, and the ocean has tides and casts. So we also have a terrible and good mood. Most likely, you’ve heard the phrase, «It is ok to be not ok.» Being comfortable with being uncomfortable means accepting yourself joyful and devastated, merry and tired, baking pie, and wanting to hide from your children. Don’t hate yourself when you aren’t perfect, and it will pass. 

21. When was the last time I told myself I love you?

Women are prone to sacrifice. Often we love our family members and children more than ourselves. But only your body and soul will be with you all your life no matter what. Give yourself love and gratitude, you are a wonderful person, and you have something to be proud of.

22. What will you do after you read these questions?

That’s one of the top questions on my list. Reading and possessing information does not make you wise or give you valuable experience. The theory will not replace practice. If you like some of my questions, I ask you to take a pen and paper and answer them.

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Why Is Emotional Health Important?


People have incredible power hidden in their minds, the ability to reflect. And by asking the right questions to yourself, you will get wise answers from yourself. Also, this is a great practice to strengthen our emotional health.

I shared simple and clear questions with you. And if you answer them truthfully, you can see from the outside a picture of your life. The procedure may not be enjoyable and quite emotional. But it is precisely to change things for the better that we ask ourselves the main questions. I wish you discoveries.

What would you add to that list? What question and answer have become turning points in your life?

If you liked my article, share it with your friends. I appreciate your attention.

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