23 Spectacularly Inspiring Mismatched Dining Chairs Compositions

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The dining setting speaks about a shelter, about the household, it expresses emotion and part of the inhabitant`s personality.

The article that follows is defined by authenticity and identity thanks to no less than 23 spectacularly inspiring mismatched dining chairs compositions carefully curated and beautifully envisioned by their home-owners into sculptural presences ready to receive guests, seat and shape extraordinary memories with family, friends and loved ones.

23 Inspiring Mismatched Dining Chairs Compositions

1. patchwork FABRIC on shabby wood

Photo Courtesy to Christopher Baker

2. rustic gathering of chairs

Setting defined by authenticity and memory in an elegant color palette.

via stylemepretty.com

3. variety in color and shape 

A simple setting with a practical role now emphasized from an aesthetic point of view with different bright colors on differently-shaped chairs.

via flickr.com

4. the extraordinary in a farmhouse setting

The farmhouse interior designs have that vibrant sense of relief, calm that summons a feeling of appurtenance that we love and often pursue.

via sweetpickinsfurniture.com

5. modern setting with variation in chairs

A setting that sends the right message and transcends out of the ordinary due to diversity around the dinning table.

via instagram.com

6. same color on different shapes

In a setting defined by airiness color cannot contest the light- subdued atmosphere that sculpts everything hence the color becomes a constant in the setting above, shape varies though, elegantly highlighting the interior with the dominant color. Different shapes invite different shading.

via thisoldhouse.com

via Better Homes & Gardens

7. traditional and modern

A contrast between traditional and modern can be highlighted with your chairs. The elegant design language play can greatly contribute to its setting.

via instagram.com

8. shabby chic color PALLET 

The rightful color pallet can make or break your interior. Here pastel colors simply amaze in an interior bathing in light.

via decoholic.org

9. strength in joyful yellow

Yellow is a color that can redefine your interior if adorned elegantly in your setting.

via A Beautiful Mess

10. sculpt space 

To emphasize the feeling of space and break monotony thin designs can be used to your advantage.

via hdbuttercup.com

11. contrast surfaces elegance

Authenticity can be brought in by items with memory, items with a story, items that become timeless once acquired. Define your space with identity and memory.

via  La Maison d’Anna G

12. different subdued

In the setting above the authenticity of all chairs is subdued to the overall  atmosphere that inspires calm.

via designsponge.com

13. diversity in textiles

Bring variety and diversity in with different patterns.

via budgetdecorating.about.com

14. Different materials and colors

via desiretoinspire.net

15. boost color 

via mydomaine.com

16. gradient colors

via megmade.com

17. airiness and calm

Source Unknown – Credit Woonideen

18.  noble sober elegance

via bloglovin.com

19. comfort in garden dinning

The outdoors experience can be changed by the seating option a great deal. Experience something different on your next special occasion.

via designshuffle.com

20. aged modern

via mydomaine.com

21. strength in two shapes

In the green armchairs and in the oak benches strength presents itself differently. The metal chairs on the other hand complement the sober elegant atmosphere. Airiness greatly contributes to the extraordinary interior.

via Jen Langston Interiors

22. scale play

Mix and match diverse elements; a bench and two armchairs shine in the setting above. Highly different elements at highly different scales shaping a beautiful composition.

via BHG.com

23. iron and plastic

via decoholic.org

Mismatched dining chairs in different compositions and settings can be extraordinary, spectacular. What do you think about the items above, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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