37 Thoughts Girls Have While Bathing Suit Shopping

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Summer is officially here, which means that it’s time to start bikini shopping. For some girls, this is an exciting task. However, I personally look forward to it about as much as I look forward to going to the dentist (I don’t). Regardless of where you stand, here are 37 thoughts we’ve all had while shopping for that perfect bathing suit!

1. I’m going to look so good on the beach this year!

2. Seriously, I’ve gone to the gym like five times in the last month.

3. Okay, maybe four months, but still.

4. OMG this one is so cute! Do they have my size?

5. Nope, of course not.

6. Here’s a cute one!

7. $50?!? Oh well, I’m worth it.

8. This one would give me some ridiculous tan lines.

9. Now THAT is a teeny bikini.

10. Would anyone even wear this?

11. Oh good, padded bikini tops!

12. Do people still mix and match patterns?

13. If they don’t, I’m going to bring it back!

14. I wonder if I can bring 40 items into the fitting room?

15. We’ll find out…

16. The lighting in here is awful!

17. Do I really look like this?

18. No wonder I’m single!

19. How do I get this on?

20. Oh no!

21. Oh no, no, no!

22. This is definitely not a good look.

23. I didn’t like that one anyways.

24. I have way too much butt and not enough boobs to pull this off.

25. Maybe I should’ve worked out more?

26. But, pizza.

27. And Netflix.

28. I have a good feeling about this one!

29. Just kidding.

30. Maybe I can pull of a one piece?


32. I bet Victoria’s Secret models don’t have this problem.

33. I don’t even need a bathing suit.

34. I’ll stay inside all summer.

35. I’m saving myself so much money!

36. I’m so financially responsible.

37. Time to cry into a tub of ice cream…

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