45 Of The Most Famous Buildings In The World With Unconventional Architectural Structure

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The construction of high rise buildings did not commence until the late 1800’s but sustained its development well past the turn of the century with the first states to see this new growth being New York and Chicago. Through the years the rest of the world decided to join along in redesigning the architectural structure of their skyline but was only able to do so based on their countries economic growth and stability. Today we live in a world where the construction industry has merged closely with some of the finest known architects to not only build the tallest skyscrapers but to give the world a taste of what the future of architecture will look like. Gone are the days of mediocre low rise box shaped conventional buildings because the talk of the town is now about the most genius and uniquely shaped architectural design structure for the future of urban areas. There are hundreds of well known structures in the world that have been built with an advanced architectural design but I have chosen only 45 to simply draw attention to the growing development in construction, architecture and design industries. In this article you will see 45 of the most famous buildings in the world that are known for their unconventional architectural structure as a proven sign that the imagery of the world is changing and we are already on our way to a new wave in architectural design.


Famous Buildings In The World With Unconventional Architecture

#1 yongsan international business district in Seoul Korea

This structure is the brain child of New York architects who designed it with 600 apartments, a gallery and a kindergarten area in order to go with the change to commercial and cultural trend in the country.

Source: detail-online.com

#2 Milwaukee art museum in wisconsin

The Miwaukee art museum is a landmark structure comprised of three buildings, the War Memorial center, the Cadahy Gardens and the Quadracci Pavilion. It was ianugurated in 1882 for the purpose of having an art gallery in Milwaukee; today it has well over 400,000 visitors.

Source: flickr.com

#3 the ryugyong hotel in north Korea

Source: caspost.com

#4 singapore’s stunning digital cloud skyscraper is

The digital cloud structure was a finalist in a competition to designed a pavilion for the world expo in 2010.

Source: inhabitat.com

#5 the Beirut residential building in Lebanon is an unconventional architectural structure

Source: archdaily.com

#6 the golf club hostivar in Prague Czech republic expresses an unconventional structure

The structure is also called the toothpick building.

Source: decojournal.com

#7 the etihad towers in abu dhabi united arab emirates

This is a complex building with five towers that was completed in 2011 and built for residential purposes.

Source: freepicturestore.blogspot.com

#8 national bank of kuwait tower is an unconventional display of structure and design

Source: easybranches.com

#9 marine bay sands casino in Singapore

Source: jebiga.com

#10 the guangzhou opera house in china is an unconventional architectural structure

Source: 500px.com

#11 heydar aliyev center in baku azerbaijan zaha hadid’s expressive STRUCTURAL form

Source: designerhk.com

#12 the dancing house in Prague Czech republic

Source: incredible-pictures.com

#13 the Guangdong museum in china

Source: designboom.com

#14 the national museum of the American Indian a fluid organic structural  form

Source: stunningpicz.blogspot.com

#15 the opus tower in Dubai united Arab emirates as a sign of modernity

Source: bestinteriordesigners.eu

#16 the phare tower in paris – a new era’s design line

Source: noordinaryhomes.com

#17 the solar city tower in rio de janeiro defines unconventional design

Source: youramazingplaces.com

#18 the Mumbai tower in India is an unconventional EXPOSE of facades and volumes

Source: indianskyscraperblog.wordpress.com

#19 Petersen automotive museum in L.A California reflects its destination in a flawless fluidity

Source: blog.hemmings.com

#20 the binoculars building in L.a California

Source: traveler.es

#21 the Mauritius commercial bank in Mauritius

Source: fastcodesign.com

#22 the Dubai towers in Dubai

Source: designyourway.net

#23 the namaste hotel tower in Mumbai India EXPRESSes cultural motifs

Source: skyscrapercity.com

#24 wine museum in Santiago Chile is an unconventional architectural structure in an organic shape

Source: archilovers.com

#25 the strawberry building in Brazil is a fun colorful literal display

Source: trekearth.com

#26 Strasbourg cathedral fold in France

Source: thomortiz.tumblr.com

#27 design museum holon in Israel expresses fluidity and continuity

Source: archdaily.com

#28 the absolute towers in Canada are famous and unconventional

Source: tumblr.com

#29 the white tower building in Spain

Source: realwowz.net

#30 zabeel tower in dubai is an unconventional  landmark structure

Source: architecturia.tumblr.com

#31 the Guggenheim museum in Spain

Source: 500px.com

#32 rubik’ s cube museum in Hungary is an unconventional monumental structure

Source: gradnja.rs

#33 sci-fi tower skyscraper in L.A is an unconventional architectural structure concept

Source: super-architects.com

#34 the trump international hotel and tower in Dubai – the architecture to be

Source: incredible-pictures.com

#35 the blue tape tower in dubai

Source: archdaily.com

#36 Taiwan towers in Taiwan express the interest for the need of greenery in modern cities

Source: evolo.us

#37 the crescent moon tower in dubai

Source: incredible-pictures.com

#38 tea pot shaped museum in china is a literal architectural structure expressing their tea culture

Source: lamiateiera.blogspot.com

#39 the dc tower 1 in austria

Source: fromupnorth.com

#40 the Minerva building in London is a modern display of architectural structure

Source: futuristicnews.com

#41 the gherkin or also called 30 st Mary axe in London

Source: fx.worth1000.com

#42 the leaning tower of abu dhabi also known as capital gate

Source: thewowstyle.com

#43 the pacific design center in California

Source: realwowz.net

#44 the universum science center museum in Germany

Source: interiorholic.com

#45 the aquadom in Berlin Germany

Source: blazepress.com

If the future of architecture and design depends mainly on some of the master minds behind these 45 famous unconventional architectural structures, then the hole urban image will definitely change dramatically. The question is are we ready to adapt at this rapid pace? We would love to hear your take on the city of tomorrow in the comment section below.

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