5 Fashion Color Trends AW 2017/18 translated into Interior Design

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Lets talk about color today and how we see same tones used in different disciplines with this post on 5 Fashion Color Trends AW 2017/18 translated into Interior Design. Every single one of us has at least ONE favorite color and we bet, you love to look at this color daily. This might show in your interiors, your phone case or your wardrobe. One of the most significant things about color is the way it can influence our mood. You might have you noticed that sometimes something very interesting happens: all of a sudden you start liking a color that you usually disliked, simply because it is put in a different context or simply because it is put next to a color that you would not have expected it with? This is the magical thing about the color universe – colors make other colors shine and the best thing about it: some unexpected compositions may work wonders!

Fashion Snoops, a forecasting and consulting agency, has published a color forecast for 2017/18 we found truly interesting because these colors can be closely connected to interiors. We like to draw connections from fashion to interiors – as everything creative and artistic is intertwined. Fashion designers inspire interior designers and the other way around. This is why we love to show you some examples of gorgeous color trends in fashion that also appear in the interior industry.


One of the forecasts was named BLUE ASH and it was said, that it takes inspiration from denim or chambray with a slight grey or washed out appearance. It reminds us very much of Denim Drift, THE color AkzoNobel has forecasted for 2017 and seems to be widely accepted already.

Nelly Rodi

Atelier CPH


SPICY MUSTARD emerges from a more green cast citrine. Golden brown undertones make spicy mustard a perfect match for other greens like olive or pea. It’s a hue for colder seasons to come bringing some warmth and energy to the palette of the 4 tones put together above. It’s interesting to observe how much acceptance yellow has received over the past 6 years evolving eventually into brighter, darker, warmer, colder and even golden shades. Who would have imagined there is so much variation in it?




POTTER’S CLAY is one of the most essential fashion colors of the season. Emerging from other copper tones like cognac and chili powder, this season’s hues have ruddy undertones. Again, we will probably never tire of mentioning our Earth Color Trend  AW 2016/17 that covers such a rich, warm, subtle palette from cosmetic shades to earthy vibes.

Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Another gorgeous forecast shows the main color OLIVE and it says further on: Olive remains a consistent base and pairs well next to mid tones.

5 Fashion Color Trends AW 2017/18 translated into Interior Design - Eclectic Trends

Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Heidi Lerkenfeldt


BRITTLE progresses from golden cast mustard seed. The deeper cast makes it a strong seasonal hue for winter sweaters and wool coats and at the same time, very applicable for home textiles such as cozy throws and upholstered seating elements.

The future kept


Are you having any favorite color combo here? And do you see any other colors that are strong in several disciplines at the same time? We would love to know!

The Milan Trend Report 2017/18 is out! It is the largest report to date we have produced featuring 100 Home and Lifestyle Projects.

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