5 Take Away Tips: A Modest Cozy & Colorful House

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I opened my House Beautiful magazine this month and my jaw just about dropped to the floor. I almost always LOVE looking at magazines, but the mood of this house really spoke to me.

Perhaps it resonated with me because I related to the story and loved the personality of the house. It’s timeless and romantic, but so fun and fresh, too!

This home was a small ranch style house with a modest ceiling height (in most parts of the house, until they raised the ceiling in a couple of rooms!).

It just needed some architecture and a refreshed style to pull the house together and make it reflect the taste of the owners.

I love the wallpapers as well as the soft, pretty and even lively use of color and pattern in this home.

I love SO much about this house! It looks so cozy and colorful that I was ready to move right in.

But then I reminded myself that I already have a house to work on :).

I see so many elements that I hope to incorporate into my own little house someday.

All in due time, right?

Here are five of my own take aways that might inspire you (and for sure inspire me) to create a cozier or more colorful house, too!

1. Houses with shorter ceiling heights can benefit from architectural ceiling treatments (just make them properly scaled for your space). If you can bump up the ceiling in a room or two it can still feel cozy and comfortable if the height is scaled properly and fits with the overall architecture planned for the the home.

2. A touch of black can add a comfortable grounding element in a colorful or lighter-hued space.

3. Just because a house or space is smaller in scale it doesn’t mean you can’t go bolder with your choices. In fact, a more interesting mix of elements might add exactly what your house needs to come alive!

4. Consider how you want to use the space and design the room accordingly. A large sofa may actually make a small room feel more inviting and comfortable than a room filled with small pieces you don’t need.

5. Don’t let any “rules” or fears or even the current style or look of your home sway you from incorporating what you really love. It’s easy to get stuck in design when all you can see is what is in front of you right now, but press through to come up with your own vision for what your space COULD be!

Embrace what YOU love. Your house should be unique, just like you!

What are some of YOUR takeaways from this home?

All images from House Beautiful November 2017 (find more images of this home via the link!)
Designer Lee Ann Thornton

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