6 Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Since we can all use more inspiration in our lives right now, I’m making this week’s Things I’m Loving Right now all about motivational quotes. These are 6 motivational Instagram accounts I follow that always inspire me:


Christie is a graphic designer, who creates beautiful images of inspiring quotes. She always credits the author of each quote and has multiple color options if you want to repost her imagery. She even has a tech accessory collection with Casetify!


Created by a wellness coach, this account is full of Instagram posts that help your wellbeing. I especially love reading the thought provoking captions.


My friend Candice always posts affirmations on her personal account. She also has an account full dedicated to affirmations and helpful wellness tips. Any time I’m having a bad day, I scroll through for a reminder that I am more than enough, and everything will be ok.


Vienna Pharaon is a marriage and family therapist in New York. Even though I don’t have a partner, I still find her Instagram extremely helpful in reminding myself of my self worth.


I recently started following Candace’s account, and my only regret is that I did not find it sooner! I love her straightforward way of empowering women.


As a small business owner, I find Boss Babe to be extra helpful. Their feed is a constant reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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I post inspirational quotes on my Insta Stories every morning. I get most of them from two books: Everyday Mindfulness and Everyday Happiness. I love both equally. Sometimes they both have such amazing quotes on a specific day that I have to post two!

There are other books in the series, too, like Everyday Kindness  and Everyday Courage. I haven’t seen them in person but if they’re anything like the two I own, I can confidently say they’re extremely helpful for wellbeing.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the places that I find my wellness inspiration. If you have any motivational Instagram accounts that you like, I’d love to hear about them! We’re also sharing inspirational quotes on the @shopsydnesummer Instagram page if you want to be friends there, too!


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