65 Outdoor Bed Ideas for Relaxing with Nature and Escape the Stuffy Indoors

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You’ve had an exhausting week, haven’t you? Looking for a place to lay back, read a book and sip on a refreshing glass of Chardonnay? Well, make sure as you’re relaxing the stress of the week off you don’t miss out on that beautiful sunshine!

Too often we find ourselves wasting our days away inside on the couch or in bed. Enough is enough! The solution to your problem is to bring your bed outside with you! An outdoor bed is the ultimate way to relax since nature itself has a calming effect.

Smell the sweet scent of blooming flowers, listen to the birds’ chirp and gaze out upon your lawn of lush plants all from the comfort of your outdoor bed. Your reading homework will become enjoyable when you’re simultaneously taking in a suntan and reading. While at night chatting with your bestie on the phone can be done while looking at the night stars.

Below are 65 outdoor bed ideas for relaxing with nature that will inspire your next weekend project!

1. Lights and Candles

In my opinion, all outdoor beds should have the warmth of candles and the brightness of twinkling lights. This is how you can enjoy your bed all day and all night!

2. Moroccan Tea Bed

Enjoy a cup of tea from your Moroccan teapot while lounging outdoors on your simple yet comfortable bed. Add or remove cushions to turn it from bed to sofa.

3. Hidden Drawer

Take another look at this comfortable square outdoor bed, and you will notice that it has a hidden drawer perfect for storing blankets.

4. Wow Factor

Give your outdoor bed that wow factor that will have all your friends jealous! A gorgeous detailed bed frame under a sheer canopy against a wall of bamboo.

5. Cabana Lounge

Cover yourself from wind and rain and enjoy your hot cocoa in your open cabana bed. I would love to curl up in this bed and read my favorite mystery book!

6. Suspended and Simple

As simple as wooden boards suspended with chains and decorated with cozy cushions. These kids are enjoying a relaxed life outdoors and you can too!

7. Colorful Pillows

Have fun decorating your outdoor bed with bright colors and funky patterns. Contrast your funkiness with either black or white cushions to really make those colors pop!

8. Sleeping Beauty

A full bed frame brings a fairytale-like appearance to your flower-filled garden. Have a chance to smell those flowers when you sink into your soft bed.

9. Swedish Design

Minimalism is the key to re-create this look. This bed looks like just a wooden pallet suspended slightly off the ground with thin ropes. Decorated with soft tones and light blankets.

10. Elegant Bed in White

A classic and elegant look is created with all white cushions and covers. Class it up even more with soft laces and contrast it against the dark wood.

11. Tropical

Create a soft tropical look with your outdoor bed by using driftwood, sheer curtains and bring in some tropical plants.

12. Wooden Hammock

The wooden hammock of your dreams for really taking in the sun and finishing that book you’ve been trying to finish all year.

13. Wicker Day Bed

Relax in shade or sun on a super stylish wicker day bed with a retractable sun shade. This is how you live a luxurious life! Plus, it’s perfect beside the pool.

14. Romantic Night Out

A romantic night out on your tiny porch! If the weather is fine and the mosquitos aren’t too bad then breathe in the fresh air and sip your wine in your little paradise.

15. Pod Lounge

The most stylish and Instagram-worthy pod bed perfect for your relaxing needs. It’s even spacious enough to fit the kiddos in for some cuddling!

16. Built-In

This outdoor lounging bed was built right into the side of the house. Just add a thin cushion, a warm blanket, a soft pillow and voila!

17. Simple and Sweet

As simple as a wooden frame out on the porch with comfortable cushions can bring a family together and help you enjoy the outdoors.

18. Lightweight

Instead of building your outdoor bed into the house or building one out of 8 pallets shoved together you may want something a little bit more lightweight. This is where buying one might be the best option!

19. Outdoor Getaway

Get outside for a while and escape all your worries. Lay down, relax, read a book, grab a glass of wine or curl up with your furry friend while taking in the sun.

20. Bright and Colorful

How fun is this!? You will love enjoying your outdoor life when there are bright colors, fun patterns, and eccentric bedding. Get creative with it!

21. Long Bench

By designing your outdoor pallet bench long enough, you can easily take away cushions and make it a place not only to sit but to lay down too!

22. Mobile

Did you notice the wheels on these clever outdoor beds? It is a wonderful design trick that will make it easy to renovate and re-decorate!

23. Matching Color Scheme

Decorate your outdoor bed with a color scheme that goes with the rest of the patio to make it feel like it belongs. I love these light browns and blues for a bright and joyful look.

24. Pallets

Throw some pallets together to form a stylish sofa that is great for lounging about, talking on the phone or taking a power nap!

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