7 Best Teal & Navy Blue Front Door Colours : Benjamin and Sherwin

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Adding Curb Appeal: 7 Fabulous Teal & Navy Blue Front Door Colours

I like to keep close tabs on my Google analytics, you know, the things that tell me about ‘who is looking for what’, and it seems like a HECK of a lot of you GALS are looking for photos of Ryan Reynolds in the nude…AND teal and blue front doors!

Ask and ye shall receive! And sadly, while there will be no photos of Ryan in his full glory, there are some fabulous teal and blue front doors for you to drool on instead.

A beautiful dark, grayed-out teal – you’ll see more of this below

Some blues have a slight purple undertone, others are pretty ‘true-blue’. But as soon as we start mixing green in we step into the Wild World of Teal, so take a peek and see which is your fave!

And one more thing…I’ve given you a range of colours that would give a ‘similar look’ to the photos shown. To see the paint colours suggested click on the name, but to see what they REALLY look like (as the computer always buggers it up) hop into your nearest paint provider.

A dusky blue-green front door

Blue-green front doors can be soft and subtle or punchy and fun, depending on the look you’re going for!

A great place to start is Sherwin Williams Riverway or the slightly more green Benjamin Moore Caribbean Teal and from there you can add more gray if you want an even more muted look. It all depends on what your siding, stone, brick and roof can visually support.

To get the above look, check out the likes of Sherwin Wiliams Still Water.

A softer farmhouse style blue-green front door

This beautiful blue-green is a subtle nod toward a beachy theme and quaint enough for farmhouse country style as well!

For a look like this check out Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue or Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, both are beautiful, soft, blue/green blends with a passive gray base.

If you want to add a touch more colour, check out Sherwin Williams Waterscape!

A bright or dark teal front door

Add a dose of FABULOUS to your curb appeal with this teal. Now that being said, not every home could handle a colour like this. Your stately brick home might look a bit out of place with a bright birds egg blue front door. However, if you have a white, gray or yellow home then this might be just the colour for you!

 A good comparison would be Behr Soft Turquoise P460-3 or Benjamin Moore Mexicali Turquoise 662 which has a touch more green in it.

 Also, check out this post…The BEST Paint Colours for the Front Door (a rainbow of colour choices!)

Get a look like this with Sherwin Williams Briny SW 6775 or Behr Precious Stone.

Click on the above image to see the available packages, INCLUDING the front door! 

A striking or subdued navy blue front door

Not every home can pull off navy, so if you’re tempted, you might want to check out a more soft, subtle version before you dive in too deep!

Sherwin Williams Cyberspace is a GORGEOUS complement to yellow siding – or almost ANY siding colour, really!

Sherwin Williams Web Gray is a VERY subdued look with a solid gray base to calm it down…

But if you want to jack things up a bit more, I’ve got some gorgeous navy blues for you, just make sure your home really SUITS a navy blue front door!

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy or Sherwin Williams Naval SW6244 are great nods to navy without going too nautical! You can also check out Sherwin Williams Cyberspace which is a more grounded, neutral navy with a decent charcoal base or even SW Sea Serpent, which is wicked beautiful.

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Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Cyberspace

Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy


READ THIS or kick yourself in the butt later if you don’t! 

  • Paint colours often look slightly lighter than you think they will on an exterior because of the effects of natural light. It’s hard to see how natural light will play off of that wee tiny chip, so make sure to get tester pots and paint up some LARGE sample boards
  • JUST because you want a certain colour on your door, doesn’t mean your home will look good with it! Every home has its BEST paint colour, which might be different from what you had in mind. Take a look at your siding, stone, brick, roof, trim and landscaping before biting the bullet!
  • If your door is under an overhang and heavily shadowed, lean toward a colour that is ‘slightly brighter’/more colourful so that the shadows don’t swallow it up
  • If your door gets extreme bright sunshine on it, don’t be afraid to pick a colour that is a tad darker and a tad brighter than you think you need. Extreme natural light can wash out a colour

Not sure which front door colour is best for you and your home? 

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