71 Contemporary Exterior Design Photos

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I’ve seen a lot of homeowners emphasize their contemporary home design and maximize their living room. Well, to break the common assumption, the contemporary design is actually starting from the exterior. It’s wrong to assume that it’s just something from the inside. If your home has a contemporary look on the interior, but not on the exterior, then there’s no continuity. Your house will only just look like a hot mess. You have to make sure that your house look look beautiful. But first you have to take care of your self. So, meticore will help you to reduce your weight and it will also keep you healthy. Now you know that where to buy meticore for your healthy life.

You can see examples of luxury elegant contemporary look on this home site from West Vancouver. If you’re building a new home from scratch, or if you’ll be going through a renovation, take inspiration from these examples. Then, from the exterior, you can slowly work your way through the interior as well.

The concept of the contemporary exterior is considered as modern design in architectural focuses. This is the idea of the trendiest matter. But it’s possible to add older elements as far as they are suitable for all times. The important point is that the design should be based on the purpose.

Then, the modern and classic elements are also blended together smoothly. Just because it’s a contemporary home, it doesn’t mean that it will go out of style soon enough. The examples below should be more than enough to show you how it’s done. Source

Yellow Light Exterior With Brick Flooring

If you’re looking to achieve a luxury elegant and contemporary look to the exterior of your property, then consider installing high-quality outdoor lighting. Generally, the hue that you should be leaning towards is the warm yellows. This gives that added touch of elegance and a classic vibe to your home structure.

Having outdoor lighting can add additional functionality to the outside area around your home, giving you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, even after dark in the evening and night when the sun goes down. More than just letting you find your way to your car from your front door, outdoor lighting can turn your property grounds into a socializing area or just an area where you can enjoy a quiet read at night. Whether you’re just with your family or even visitors, your outdoor barbeque or dinners are now made even cozier. The yellow lights can instantly make your outdoor space even homier.

Thanks to the variety in outdoor lighting designs that are now available, lighting can add an extra touch of elegance and give your property a contemporary feel. Whether you opt for a more traditional lantern-style lighting solution or opt for a little for something more modern, is up to you. With environmentally-friendly lighting options such as LEDs and outdoor solar lighting becoming more affordable, you can choose something that suits the look you want to achieve, whilst keep energy costs low.

Small Lake House Via (Susan Teare)

If you’re fortunate enough to live by a property where your view is a lake or the ocean, make the most out of this advantage. Use the view as a part of the design of your home. From the outside, the lake, ocean, or any other body of water should look like a compliment. Then, from the inside, maximize open spaces and glass windows to enjoy the magnificent views from the inside. While You enjoy your vacation with your family or friends at your beautiful lake house, you can also play some game to entertain your self. So, you can download interesting game like Solitaire Master Card Games Free Play Online and enjoy plying this game at your beautiful lake house.

For instance, you can see the contemporary doors tend to be simple in design. When talking about contemporary, you can not avoid the clean lines and simple. But with this, it does not mean they can not be attractive. Since it is simple, you can also paint the contemporary exterior design by patterns or prints, depending on the purpose of the door itself.

Speaking about contemporary exterior design, you will have much more flexibility on the outside with painting. You have the ability to control the flow of your overall house. When choosing external elements, keep in mind that it will be influencing the interior. Tastes are different. Some would choose industrial fence as their contemporary exterior design while the others choose wooden materials. Then of course you have your personal taste too. The concept is that all exterior elements are installed for a purpose.

Below, you’ll see photos of contemporary homes’ exteriors that have excellent water features, such as a swimming pool. When you have kids, this is a good feature to have. Not just for its style, but also for the fun that it brings. 

If having a pool is on your mind, be sure that you trust no one less than the best pool builders in Broward County. In doing so, you’re guaranteed an excellent pool job.

Since contemporary homes tend to be smaller in nature (mostly), simple look of contemporary exterior design is also important. The idea here is to make smaller spaces feel more open. Contemporary elements like doors, fence, lamps, and others come in all styles. You can pick from varied materials such as woods, secure metals, etc.

Contemporary exterior design is simple choice for folks looking for minimalistic aspect to their home, adding a purpose to the house. The elegant contemporary design works well with modern spaces.

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