8 Excellent Android apps for Worship Leaders & Songwriters

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It’s always fun to write about Android apps—‘cos there’s constantly something new to discover with more than a million apps in the play store!

You could check out my earlier articles here and at Church Mag for various lists of android mobile apps useful for worship leaders and songwriters.

In this post, you will find some old and new android apps that I believe are greatly useful for you—especially if you’re a worship leader, musician or songwriter.

8 top mobile apps for worship leaders, songwriters and musicians

1. Spiritual growth: Go Tandem

I’ve written about Go Tandem before, a product built with 7 years of research. Now it’s available as a mobile app too to help us avoid spiritual neglect!

Take a short Spiritual Growth Assessment, based on which you will receive up to 12 messages each day via text, audio, and video customized to your unique spiritual needs, designed specifically to move you closer to Jesus on a daily basis.

Other features include, push notification to ensure you don’t miss a message, ability to save and share your favorites and notes to write down your thoughts.

2. Worship backing tracks: Band-In-Hand

If you want a full band sound without a full band, this app may just be the solution!

Excellent selection of songs to buy from. Each song has 7 tracks + 1 click track.

You can create your own mix for each song (and save it for the next time), change the song key (5 key options available for each song), make/edit your own set-lists and mute/unmute any track.

Probably the lowest rates for songs ($5 to $20) when compared to other PC/Mac software currently available for this purpose.

The only downside is, the song arrangement cannot be changed unlike something like Multi Track Pro Wav Player.

If flexible song arrangements were added, this would be a killer app! The app is a free download, songs need to be purchased separately.

A single B-I-H account can be used to link up to 3 devices to share purchased songs between them.

3. Guitar tuner: Fastune!

Probably the only polyphonic tuner app available at the moment.

This means you can strum all 6 strings simultaneously and Fastune! will tell you if you are in tune or not, how about that!

If your guitar is out of tune, Fastune! will instruct you to tighten or loosen the exact string in need—makes the tuning process super quick and easy.

4. Music player: Jet Audio

No matter how many music player apps I try out, I always keep coming back to this one.

Plays almost every audio file format out there! Other features include 10-band graphic equalizer with 32 presets, Wide, Reverb and X-Bass sound effects, crossfading, gap-less playback, sleep timer up to 24 hours and more!

Free and ad free Plus versions available; I wholeheartedly recommend the Plus version, it’s well worth your money.

5. Metronome: Metronome Beats

A tablet-friendly, simple and interactive metronome app designed by musicians for practicing and playing musical instruments.

Facilitates any tempo selection from 1 to 300 beats per minute, tap tempo, display of Italian tempo markings, subdivision of the beat with up to 16 clicks per beat, accented first beat of the bar and visual beat indication.

The pro version includes a “live” mode to create and play set lists.

6. Rhyming dictionary: Reverse Phonic Rhymes

This app gives you rhymes and near rhymes based on the pronunciation of your search word.

Contains a good database of over 250,000 words.

Also has the ability to set how close you want the rhymes to be.

7. Composing & creating demo tracks: Music Maker Jam

A cool app to make demo tracks for your worship songwriting.

Comes with four free musical styles (you can buy more), wide range of professionally produced loops, flexible arrangement up to eight tracks.

Change the tempo, pitch and mix your songs using cool real-time effects.

Just shake your tablet or smartphone to reorder the tracks and create a new version of your song—useful to find fresh inspiration.

Features include switching musical styles every month for free, using loops from different music styles at the same time in one project, recording a song and sharing it with friends, using your own background images for your tracks and more!

8. Keyboard: Swiftkey

Imho, this is the best mobile keyboard ever!

Personalized word predictions (it learns from your usage), smart autocorrect, customizable layouts, themes and emoji support  are some of it’s fun features.

Once flow (swyping) is enabled and you get used to it, it becomes the fastest text input tool on a mobile device—and all you need is one finger!

When you’re writing songs and need to jot down your lyric ideas quickly on the go, this app is just what you need!

What are your favorite mobile apps for worship and songwriting?

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