A Christmas Table Runner Pattern for a Perfect Festive Feast!

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Set a Christmas dinner table to impress this year, with this stunning festive quilted table runner, created by the talented Bernadette Wainwright! Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and, as crafters, we always try to make something special for our family and friends… but don’t forget to make something special for yourself too!  Follow Bernadette’s Christmas table runner pattern below and create yourself a beautiful focal point for your Christmas table this year… and years to come!

You Will Need

5+ hours


  • The background fabric to 140cms (55”) x 35cms (14”)
  • The backing fabric to 150cms (59”) x 45cms (18”)
  • Wadding to 150cms (59”) x 45cms (18”)

DIY Christmas Table Runner Pattern:

Before you start any project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology. Press your fabric with a suitable iron temperature to ensure it is smooth, and easy to work with.

Step 1:

On the paper side of the fusible web/bonding agent, and using the triangle, draw approximately 35 triangles of various sizes. I did 5½”, 4½”, 3½”, 2½” and 1½”. Remember to leave spaces between each triangle to allow for cutting out.

Step 2:

Cut out the triangles and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron onto the reverse of the fabrics. Mix up the sizes and the fabrics.

Step 3:

Repeat for the tree trunks.

Step 4:

Cut out the triangles on the drawn line, but extend the top to achieve a point.

Step 5:

Position the triangles and trunks on the face of the background fabric. When you are happy with your design, remove the paper backing, and iron in place.

Step 6:

Lay the backing fabric face down on a flat surface, then your wadding, and finally the top layer; this is now your quilt sandwich. Secure together using the quilting pins.

Step 7:

For free machine embroidery, attach the embroidery/darning foot, and lower the feed dogs. Using the gold embroidery thread and Bottomline in the bobbin, sew around each tree. Change the thread to the brown, and repeat for the tree trunks.

Step 8:

Change the top thread to the Bottomline or a neutral colour, and work large swirls at the base of the runner and between the trees; this will replicate snow drifts. Remove the pins as you go.

Step 9:

If you have a Star Stitch on your machine, randomly work individual ones across the top; these can also be worked by hand.


Step 10:

Square up the edges of the runner. Trim off the wadding and the backing.

Step 11:

From the larger piece of Green Christmas fabric, cut your binding. You will need 4 x 2½” width of fabric strips.

Step 12:

Join the strips into a continuous length, pin the strips together at a 90 o angle with right sides facing, sew the seam on the bias. The seam should run from edge to edge of each strip.

Step 13:

Trim and press the seam open.

Step 14:

Fold the strip in half lengthways, wrong sides together, press. Fold and press under ½” to neaten the edge where you will start sewing. Lay the doubled binding strip on the right side of the quilt, raw edges together. Pin in place starting about 12“ away from a corner, sew using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving the first 1” open so you can tuck the end in later. At the first corner, stop ¼” from the edge of the fabric, backstitch. Fold the binding up and then fold down again. Stitch from the edge and repeat at each corner. When you arrive back at the beginning, tuck the end inside.

Step 15:

Fold the fabric over to the back of the runner, and hand stitch in place.

Congratulations! Your table runner is now finished… time to pop it onto your table, and start thinking about what you’ll be serving up on the big day itself. Happy Christmas!

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