A Collection of Turquoise Doors

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My Turquoise Front Door

It’s been almost three years since I painted my front door. At the time I never could have imagined what an impact this one little door would make.

Since that time I’ve received the most amazing emails and comments of how this door has inspired others to take the challenge of a bright and colorful entrance for their homes.

A few months ago, I wrote a post asking anyone who would like to share their turquoise, aqua or blue door here on Beyond the Screen Door to send me an email with pictures and any other details they’d like to share.

This post is dedicated to these brave and inspiring DIYer’s!

Tricia – Not too long after I painted my door, my friend Tricia took her love of turquoise to an even higher level by painting her front door…both inside and out…as well as her kitchen island. Stunning!  See more of Tricia’s doors here. 

Gina – My sister in law, Gina LOVES bright and fun colors. Her beautiful home is a testament to her love of color!  Her front doors were painted aqua before my door was painted turquoise but I wanted to share her doors in this collection as well.  This photo was from Christmas a few years ago. See more of Gina’s doors here.

Roycie – Roycie was one of the first readers of this blog to send me photos of her door. Literally a Beyond the Screen Door inspired Screen Door!

Rachel – Rachel’s email was so sweet that I’m going to let her tell you about her door!

Hi Sonya! 
I just wanted to tell you how much I genuinely appreciate your blog.  All of your ideas and creations are absolutely amazing! 
However, what keeps me coming back to your website literally on a DAILY basis was your turquoise front door.  I have been looking at your pictures for months and wondering if the turquoise door would work well on my house. 
This weekend, I decided to bite the bullet, and man, I am so glad I did!  It really makes the door pop, and I think it makes my flowers look that much more vibrant!  I posted pictures on my facebook, and I have received nothing but glowing compliments on the color and the ‘vintage feel’.  I of course linked your blog in the comments section because I had people asking all day about how to do it.  I think you are starting a ‘turquoise door craze’ across the country, and you don’t even know it!!! 
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the fabulous pictures and the directions.  I don’t have a Sherwin Williams close to me, so I went to Lowe’s and bought Valspar peacock blue outdoor paint, then used Valspar transluscent color glaze over the top.  The hardest part was replacing the door handle.  I had the exact same door handle, except it was gold, and I definitely wanted the black handle that you show.  I am LOVING IT!!!

I love the way the Peacock Blue pops against the white trim! Great job, Rachel!

Kelly – painted her front door Benjamin Moore’s Blue Spa.

Not only did she paint her front door and her shutters but the porch floor as well! It’s gorgeous!

Mark – One of the best parts of this project was getting to see all the different door styles painted a similar color. Mark’s gorgeous front door has a wonderful craftsman feel with the leaded glass. Mark told me his neighbor’s love his newly painted front door! Great job, Mark, I do too!

Brenda – Brenda wrote that she was ready for a brighter color after having a “Chinese red” door for years. After painting her front door this vibrant turquoise her neighbors would drive by and say “Hey love that front door-think I will paint mine”!  She said even the husbands love it!  Love her flower garden as well. Beautiful!

Not only did she paint her front door but she added a touch of turquoise to her planters as well. Great idea, Brenda!

Marie – Marie over at The (not always) Lazy W is planning to paint her exterior kitchen door turquoise but in the meantime she started with this little thrifted dresser. For Marie, I imagine painting is delegated as a Fall or Winter project. Between her garden, her bees, her animals (including a buffalo) this wonderfully funny and busy lady doesn’t have much spare time in the Spring and Summer!

Tammy – Tammy also decided to paint both the inside and outside of her front door. After painting the inside SW Nifty Turquoise she and her husband decided they preferred a greener turquoise for the exterior. She kept the Nifty Turquoise for the inside but painted the outside Pantone’s Pool Green. They used a black glaze over each color with awesome results!

Janell – Last but not least is Janell’s turquoise doors. Janell was hoping to paint the front doors of her new home turquoise. She put a comment on Facebook along with a photo of my door asking for help.  A mutual friend saw the photo and put us in touch! Here you can see the doors painted Nifty Turquoise without the glaze.

Janell’s husband primed and painted the doors SW Nifty Turquoise…

And I finished the job with glaze. Aren’t the double doors just amazing in all their turquoise glory? 🙂

Thank you! Thank you! To all the Beyond the Screen Door readers who helped make this post possible. I have several readers who are working on their own turquoise doors so I hope to have a Turquoise Doors Part II in the near future!  Please accept my sincerest apology if I have failed to include a photo you may have sent me over the past few years! Please feel free to email me again! I don’t want to leave anyone out! 


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