A Cozy, Neutral (and Tiny) Nursery Reveal!

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rocker | ottoman | rug | end table | sconce | ultrasound print | curtains | shades

We put the finishing touches on Lucy’s nursery at the tail end of last year, hanging the last piece of artwork and folding the final blanket into place right around the holidays. And then, we waited, but luckily, not too long! Creating a room for our little girl was one of our favorite makeovers to date, if only because we knew it was for an incredibly special person. Throughout the process, we invited the dogs to join us in the space and allowed them to sniff every corner, and we talked them through every project we completed. This crib is going to be for your new puppy, we’d say! Even now, CC loves inspecting the books on the shelves, and from time to time, we’ll catch her gumming a stuffie that she couldn’t resist.

You might remember that the nursery has come a very long way, and before we were fortunate enough to call it that, it was initially nicknamed The Scary Room! For years, this small, skinny room (coming in at less than 7′ wide and close to 16′ long) was used as storage. It overflowed with vintage items we might use someday, boxes that we never unpacked and all the miscellany that fell under the category of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Last winter, we stopped procrastinating, put our heads down and got to work. After ridding ourselves of hundreds of pounds of stuff, the original woodwork in the room was restored, we shuffled around electric, new floors were laid (an especially exciting feat, as the room had no floors to begin with!) and a closet build-out was completed. We ultimately decided on a soothing color palette of white on cream on neutral, and not for one second have we regretted that decision. Every day since Lucy has been home, we have found this room to be a quiet haven. It’s cozy. It’s peaceful. It feels like a hug wrapped in a blanket – just like Lucy herself. Every day, Scott and I turn on the whirrrl! of the sound machine (we have this one in every bedroom), draw the shades and turn on the night light, and we just play, nurse and cuddle with our new peanut.

After using our velvet rocker for the better part of a month, I feel great with our decision. It’s slim enough for the room, but the cushion is extra deep for those with long legs. If I’m not using a pillow for my back (for my, um, short legs), I’ll sit cross-legged with a Boppy on my lap, and the not-too-wide seat is perfect for my smaller frame. We were initially shocked at how white the rocker was on delivery day, but the performance velvet has already seen a few spills, and so far, they’ve wiped up easily!

The black + brass sconce we added gives off a soft glow in the evenings, and this peachy-pink cyanotype of Lucy’s 20 week ultrasound might be one of my favorite little works of art in the room. (There are so many colors, the hardest part was narrowing it down!) I first saw these custom prints in Julia’s nursery, and I couldn’t resist scooping one up, too.

On the other side of the room, we hung a vintage mirror above our crib, and after the great mobile debate, we were gifted this felt bunny mobile from some of our good friends. It was definitely a happy mail day to find those bunnies on our front porch, and they look especially sweet swirling over Lucy’s head!

This is probably the cleanest the bookshelf will ever look; soon enough, we know it will be over flowing with (way more) books, small toys, dolls and trinkets as Lucy grows. For now, it’s stocked with mostly vintage items, gifts from loved ones and greenery.

There is a loose penguin theme in the nursery, mostly on accident. Growing up, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for penguins (how could you not?), so it was no surprise to receive sweet penguin-esque tokens from some of our favorite people. The ‘I believe I can fly‘ print was given to us years ago, and we recently had it framed in this natural wood. The snow globe on the shelf was found at a flea market by Scott’s dad, and the cross stitch on the other side of the room was made by my childhood best friend. We love looking around the room and seeing all these hand selected items for our family! Psst… do you recognize the rocking horse?

The camera night light makes us smile every time. The shutter release is actually the ‘on’ switch, and when turning it on or off, it makes a satisfying click! And that vintage bunny planter! That was a birthday gift from a friend, found at a flea market (does she know me well or what?).

All of the planning we put into the closet was well worth it. It has been the absolute best extension to this oddly shaped room! For now, we keep the doors open most of the time, since we’re on diaper changing duty more often than we’re not (ha!), but it makes us even happier that we opted for the pale blush walls. Also, our peanut pad is worth it’s weight in gold – a quick wipe down, and it’s so fresh and so clean (clean).

The tall basket is used as a laundry hamper (we have the small size), and although most of the seagrass baskets are currently empty (room to grow!), a few of them are wrangling crib sheets, swaddles and extra blankets. The white rope baskets above are filled with infant hangers, and the ones to the right of our changing table are where we’re currently stashing any out-of-season outfits or clothes that Lucy has outgrown.

We started a mini gallery wall behind the door, including that super cute penguin cross stitch (created from this Charley Harper pattern) and a framed print from our mini maternity shoot. The ‘V’ is a photograph taken by our talented friend as a part of this (amazing!) Alphabodies series. We look forward to watching this wall grow!

And now for the most satisfying part – before and afters! We’re going way back – like, Scary Room back – because my goodness, this room has come a very long way.

Before | Closet Wall

Progress | Closet Wall

After | Closet Wall

Before | Crib Wall

Progress | Crib Wall

After | Crib Wall

Below, you’ll find all the past posts that have documented our nursery’s journey (just click on any thumbnail to take you there; if you’re viewing this in a blog reader, you may need to click over to view). We’re happy to answer any questions we may have missed!

Nursery Source List:

wall color: Benjamin Moore Intense White | trim color: BEHR Ultra Pure White | closet color: Benjamin Moore Morristown Cream | rocker (in performance velvet ivory) | ottoman | rug | side table | crib | bookcase | sconce | pendant lighting | closet door knobs | closet latches | pom pom curtains | curtain rod + clips | white bamboo shades | vintage mirror (above crib) | vintage mirror (in closet) | dresser | dresser hardware | changing pad | diaper pail | camera night light | white alarm clock | elephant pull toy | sound machine | baby monitor camera | large penguin print | penguin cross stitch (gifted) | ultrasound cyanotype in ‘blossom’ | ‘V’ Alphabodies print | brass photo frames | natural wood photo frames | white cotton rope baskets | sea grass baskets | laundry basket | infant hangers (with clips) | white tassel blanket | pink quilt | crib sheets | linen crib skirt | white lamb Boppy |  bunny mobile

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