A Door, A Closet and a Domino

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Soon after we painted our entry closet walls a soft minty green, I got started on phase 2 of closet overhaul – painting the door itself! As we mentioned way back here, we were undecided between a true black, off-black or navy, but look – navy won! Scott and I have both been falling hard for navy lately – navy is the new black? – so much so that we’ve had to reel in some of our ideas for future navy choices (like a couch, some chairs or a rug). For now, our first bold dabble in the color is doing the trick; in the end, we went with Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, color matched to Sherwin Williams exterior paint:

Unfortunately, our contractors wrapped up too close to the holiday season, which meant cold weather, snow and rain prevented us from also painting our front door (which will be finished in the same deep navy). But! We’re all about celebrating each small (and not-so-small) victory as it happens, so the closet door (oh, the infamous closet door!)? Painted! Check.

And in-between tiling and over the course of this last week, we were finally able to put this space to use. Considering that this house didn’t even have a foyer closet when we purchased it (instead, we reversed the ‘bedroom’ closet behind the shared wall to gain storage – it might make more sense here), we are loving the small addition.

It’s so gloriously organized and (feels) empty – empty, in a good way. There’s an entire second shelf with nothing on it but a dust buster with room to grow. As a bit of a coat hoarder myself (living in Chicago counts as an excuse, right?), only our heavily rotated coats are in this closet, and our ‘working’ jackets (you know, the ones you wear when you’re using power tools and painting outdoors?) are still being stored in the guestroom closet since they tend to muck up anything they touch.

We picked up all our storage bins at The Container Store (one of these and two of these), with the exception of our rolling crate for shoes. Our winter gear (scarves, gloves and earmuffs) are within easy reach on a lower shelf, whereas the top two jute bins hold vacuum accessories and – okay, we’ll admit it – Jack’s clothes.

And look – how adult of us! All of our hangers match! When Only Hangers asked us if we had any use for their sturdy, hunky hangers, we knew exactly where they’d go. We chose their dark bamboo coat hangers, which to be honest, was based purely on looks. But when they arrived? Well, they’re attractive, yes, but they’re also built to last. (Who knew you could be so excited about a hanger? Oh wait, these two.)

For the finishing touch (can you tell we’re excited about our closet yet?), we added a teeny surprise with every swing of the door. Right in the threshold, we replaced one piece of marble with an appropriately sized domino; we’re calling it good luck. (Or was it tiling-induced-insanity?) Scott chose a domino with our favorites numbers – 5 for me (it was my old hockey number) and 11 for him (from his favorite childhood athlete). You can only see it when the closet door swings open, but it makes us smile every time. And isn’t that what counts?

Okay, so now we’re up to… a painted door? Check! Storage? Check! Matching hangers and sweet little domino and sparkly, sequined bunny? Check, check, check! But as much as we are loving the way things are falling together, we can’t help but get antsy over our lack of baseboards and trim. Once we add the proper molding to this door frame – well, I’d whistle if I could. (Not to mention, our messy grout smears are all we can see!)

Consider that to-do bumped. Right to the top.

This post is in partnership with Only Hangers. We used their dark bamboo coat hangers and love, love, love them – and that? That opinion is all ours. 

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