A New Generation of Kreg Pocket Hole Drilling Jigs (2021)

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Kreg is launching an all-new line of pocket hole jigs that will be replacing their K4 and K5 family of products.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720

Let’s start off by talking about the Kreg 720 jig, which features an Automaxx one-motion clamping mechanism that automatically sets material thickness for workpieces 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ thick.

There is clever on-board storage, helping to ensure you always have what you need in one place.

The Kreg 720 pocket hole jig comes with a drill but, stop collar, screwdriver bits, sample screws, and a dust collection accessory that fits common shop vacuums and dust vacs.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720PRO

Building upon the 720 is the Kreg 720PRO pocket hole jig saw, which also features Kreg’s new docking station.

The docking station, available with the 720PRO or separately, comes with two wings that serve as material supports and also handy parts and screw organizers.

The pocket hole jig clamp secures the jig to your workbench for easier use.

Kreg 520Pro Pocket Hole Jig

The Kreg 520PRO pocket hole jig is a little smaller and more portable. Instead of automatic thickness adjustment, it features 3 material presents – 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1-1/2″.

The 520PRO is an adaptable design, with a squeeze-action clamp that can rotate 360° to adjust to different setup needs.

You can also clamp the 520PRO to larger workpieces, such as sheet goods.

Kreg KPHA750 Docking Station

The docking station works with both 720 and 520PRO jigs, and comes with the two attachable wings for workpiece support, as well as the benchtop clamp.

The wings can be removed and used where needed, to help support longer workpieces.

Kreg Custom Plug Cutter Drill Guide Kit

This plug-cutting attachment is an accessory for the 700-series pocket hole jigs, and allows for users to create their own custom pocket hole plugs to help keep screws hidden after assembly.

Kreg Micro-Pocket Drill Guide Kits

There will be two Kreg Micro-Pocket drill guides – kit 530 for use with 500-series pocket hole jigs and pan-head pocket hole screws, and kit 730 for use with 700-series pocket hole jigs and pan-head pocket hole screws.

These jig accessories allow for 25% smaller pocket holes, and are suited for smaller projects, 1/2″ material, and narrow workpieces.

Pricing And Availability

ETA for all of these new Kreg products is 2/15/2021.

Pocket Hole Jigs

  • 720: $130
  • 720PRO: $150
  • 520 PRO: $100

Pocket Hole Jig Accessories

  • Docking Station: $50
  • Custom Plug Cutter Kit: $70
  • Micro Jig (500-Series): $50
  • Micro Jig (700-Series): $50
  • Replacement Micro Jig Drill Bit and Stop Collar: $17
  • Pocket Hole Jig Clamp: $15


Kreg has innovated in the pocket hole jig space for quite a few years now, and with the newest lineup it looks like they’ve taken convenience and ease of use to new levels.

Kreg 320 Pocket Hole Jig

While the new Kreg pocket hole jigs look to be replacing K4 and K5 products, others, like this 320 jig ($39 via Amazon) should not be impacted.

The new Kreg 520PRO, 720, and 720PRO jigs look interesting, and I wonder what Kreg has planned for the new lines. There will be a plug-cutting attachment and micro pocket hole attachments available at launch, as well as the docking station that can increase the versatility of 520PRO and 720 jigs.

Everything seems well thought out, and it’ll be interesting to see how well the new systems work.

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