A Room by Room Guide to Scandinavian Style

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Scandinavian style in home décor is very hot right now. And for good reason! There’s an inherent charm and appeal to the white-walled-loving style that embraces clean lines and simple silhouettes but effortlessly incorporates plenty of rustic appeal with well-loved, low maintenance pieces (read: vintage! chippy! oozing with character!).

If you’re drawn to this cheerful and well-edited sense of home, as many people are, read further for some Scandinavian-flavored inspiration for every room of your house.


Clean-lined and carefully furnished without going over the top, a Scandinavian entryway tends to be sparse yet complete. A few hooks to hang the essentials of coming and going (bags, coats, scarves, etc.) and a place for shoes are of course obvious necessities. An unobtrusive and functional white dresser blends into the space, and an umbrella or two are often at the ready.

Living Room.

Scandinavian living rooms blend contemporary-chic with warmth and comfort. White on the walls is the go-to color, which makes the living room feel airy and fresh and also provides an impeccable backdrop for a great art gallery wall and interesting lighting silhouettes. Warm wood tones and greenery here and there add simultaneous warmth and style.


Several components create a decidedly Scandinavian kitchen: (1) Simple open shelving. The fewer and simpler, the more authentic. (2) Blonde wood tones, such as the shelves here and countertop trim. Butcher block countertops are not uncommon. (3) White cupboards, walls, and (often) appliances. (4) Simple yet interesting shapes of the faucet and pendant add curves and understated visual appeal to the clean-lined kitchen.

Dining Room.

It’s the details that make a Scandinavian styled dining room come to life. Like the simple-yet-unique curved edge of this chunky farmhouse table, and its pairing with white Eames-style chairs. Dining room adornments are kept to a minimum; one simple ledge to hold some pictures and a couple of pendant lamps are all this room needs. This simplicity keeps the emphasis on the good food and the good company.


Bedrooms tend to be naturally restful spaces, and this sense of calm aligns perfectly with Scandinavian simplicity. Unadorned windows let in plenty of natural light. White bed linens look ever clean and fresh. Wood floors (the more worn, the better, in my book) and a simple side table are enough to breathe relaxation into everyone who enters the space. I’m sure the homeowners of this bedroom own more “stuff” than what this photo shows, but I’m willing to bet it’s tucked away in equally charmingly minimal furniture pieces.


Basic geometric shapes (rectangle, square, circle) and lines make their way into Scandinavian bathrooms. And, really, with a space that is typically white anyway, plus a basket or woven rug, it’s hard to go wrong. My favorite touches here are the wall-mounted sink and toilet and the under-sink towel rod. Perfection.

Laundry Room.

The thing about authentic Scandinavian style is that it’s ever multifunctional. On a recent visit to Sweden, I found it not uncommon to have shared toilet, shower, and laundry in a single space. Regardless of your adherence to this traditional functionality, the style remains consistent – simple, contemporary forms amid plenty of light woods that balance out the white.

Home Office.

This would hardly be a credible Scandinavian article without some sort of wall-mounted head making an appearance, and this cardboard moose head fits the bill. More importantly, though, is a simple desk workspace that, once again, incorporates all the essentials in an uberclean way. To optimize work efficiency, the desk is free of clutter; likely, much of the would-be clutter is kept neatly in storage boxes that are easily accessible. A comfortable chair and table lamp make this space an ideal work setup.

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