A Rug That Punches You In the Face

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I said last week that we were totally working outside of our comfort zone, and together with the recovered velvet sofa, our new rug sealed that deal.

We picked this up on Ebay, and after staring for weeks at Persians (it became a 15-minute part of my morning routine; shower, coffee, feed the family, check Ebay, you know), we narrowed it down to a few choices. To be honest, Scott wasn’t completely on board at first, but he warmed up to the idea when I touted the heavily patterned pieces as being more pet friendly than, say, a soft neutral that we’ll want to replace in a few years. It’ll help conceal everyday wear and tear! It’ll get better with time! We’ll pass it down to our pretend kid’s kids! (Or at the very least, pass it down to our friends’ kids’ kids!)

I quickly realized that there is definitely an art to understanding and purchasing an authentic Persian, and after messaging a helpful seller, they pointed me in the right direction for what to look for in terms of durability. Ours is hand-knotted and wool with a cotton foundation, however, it’s not considered an antique since it only dates back to 1970 (and we’re cool with that). I found this guide to be really helpful, and this symbol chart is pretty fun!

The day it arrived, we both excitedly unwrapped it, laid it out on the count of  three (1… 2… 3!) and immediately loved it! Then almost immediately after that, thought, hmmm. Is it too much? Is there too much color? Yes, it’s falls outside of our comfort zone and while that’s nice and scary (good) and all, but did we go too far?

The pattern has our hearts, but if I think about it too long, I might say that I wish there were more pinks and blues – but that pattern. It makes it, don’t you think? The size is perfect for this room, an odd size, for sure, coming in at 6’x10′. (Another reason I was on the Persian train; so many unique size options!) It allows for traffic to pass through the living room without anyone having to step on the rug (which would cause weird wear issues), and it’s wide enough for our extra long (100″) couch.

So while there was a solid return policy (which is what prompted us to just pull the trigger already!), we’re keeping it! It does feel warm and inviting and vibrant – but this room needs more layers. Right now, it’s heavy. Weighted. The whole room is drawn down to the floor, and the two big punch-you-in-the-face pieces are in place – with nothing else around to lighten the mood, so to speak. No soft and neutral curtains. No artwork. No light fixture! No plants, not enough pillows and blankets and no baseboards (for the love of Pete; I’m as sick of mentioning them as you are reading about it). We’ll need one more chair (or bench or sturdy ottoman?) in here, and once we’re done trimming this room, we can move on to those cozy needs.

Bottom line, we love this rug. And with the two big pieces in place, the other changes will (hopefully) tumble into place – soon enough!

PS… our goal to finish the entry trim + floors this weekend didn’t quite come true (although we really, really tried!), so we’ll be tying that up this week and the coming weekend. Oy, I [email protected]*!ng hope.

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