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90s outfit ideas have a big impact on fashion. We have a pretty iconic 90s outfits ideas which are still in use. Trend is always changing. Some are temporary, while some are long-lasting. However there are all these technological changes in our lives, we can’t ignore 90’s warm and dynamic fashion. Whatever the trend is, 90’s fashion is still with us. So, let’s have a further look at what were the most fashionable 90’s outfits.


First of all, MOM JEANS. It was the time, when extremely loved mom jeans took place in our lives. All the 90’s icons were wearing it and rocking it. Winter or summer, ripped or normal, fair or dark… It doesn’t matter. It was used anywhere anytime.

Since we also met with crop tops in 90’s, it was very fashionable combining them with crop tops. It was one of the favorite 90’s outfits.

Using biker boots with skirts and dresses other than pants and choker necklaces were also pretty trendy back then.

Who remembers the most iconic outfits from the 90’s movie Clueless? And what about Cher Holowitz’s favorite pattern? Yes, plaid it is. Plaid patterned skirts were one of the top stylish 90’s piece.

Wearing long sleeves in thin stripped dresses? Thumbs up for that. It was also highly used during 90’s. And girls, it looked good.

And 90s were colorful. Especially when it came to sportswear. Wearing loose sweatshirts in any color was so popular. It was a ‘man thing’ before 90’s. Thanks to the 90s, especially to princess Diana, we became familiar with the oversize trend. She combined them with biker shorts, which also were one of the trends in 90’s sportswear. Animal prints and bright colors were outstanding 90’s outfits. Unfortunately, gothic style was also so trendy in the 90s because of all the grunge and rock music style.


Themed parties are roaming around all of us and 90s themed parties are frequently preferred. There are lots of icons coming from the 90s. So we have a lot to inspire from them to rock the party. Themed parties are for exaggeration. So, we can exaggerate as much as want. We should use every piece that reminding us the 90’s outfits, even grunge-inspired pieces.

Almost every 90s outfit can be wore today. You can make your 90s party look easily with the pieces you already have at home. You can be any of spice girls using all leopard pieces you have or you can be Cher Holowitz using you plaid skirts. The good part is you can make you own Mia Wallace look with only use of black pants and a white shirt. And if you want to be the prettiest of the pretty, then you can wear your tutu skirt and steal the look of Carry Bradshaw.

What about hair style to complete your perfect 90s outfits. Butterfly clips, crimped waves, plastic strechy headbands and of course high ponytail with an oversized scrunchie were defining hairstyles in the 90s. Lastly, let’s remember some outstanding make-up trends from the 90s style. Starting with blue eyeshadow, of course. It may be a trend which you want to forget about now. I personally would rather you to forget it and not mention at all again but it was kind of a big thing in the 90s. Other than that, there was also all-grunge eyeliner that was applied by putting black eyeliner under your eyes and also on your eyelids. It looked super super grunge but it can be a good choice to use for your 90s outfits at a party. Brick-brown or burgundy lipsticks and super pale foundation should be used as well.


As I said above, almost every 90s outfit can be wore in present times. Fashion is a cycle and it’s not wrong to say that we love turning back to 90’s a lot. For example mom jeans, I don’t think there are still one of you who doesn’t have at least one. They are sooo handy. Thanks to the 90’s we met these high waisted jeans. You can wear them with everything and can go everywhere with them literally!

Faux fur coats are in trend now again! You can look like a 90’s celebrity easily. In every shape and in every color, these latest trend coats are on sell.

Tie-dye t-shirts, dresses, shoes are also back. If you think a little color doesn’t kill anybody, then you can try this trend. The best part is that you can even do it by yourself at home. I am sure your tie-dye t-shirts will be adored by everyone. You can find here three different easy ways to make tie-dye pattern at home if you don’t know how to. Watch not only when it comes to tie-dye but you also should colors as much as possible. One of the favorite 90’s outfits was mixing different kind of patterns and colors.

In short, we still use almost every piece from the 90’s outfits in present times. Thanks god, we don’t wear gothic clothes anymore…

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See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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