Amazon Essentials Brand Clothing Review (Box 2)

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Amazon Essentials brand clothing review – Part 2!

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I found so many cute things I wanted to try in my first Amazon Essentials brand clothing review that I had to fill another Prime Wardrobe box and try eight more items.  So far, I’m sold on Amazon Essentials for a budget-friendly option for wardrobe basics and essentials.  These are styles that will stand the test of time rather than feel stale after just a few months or a year.

If you’re curious about the manufacturing ethics of Amazon’s brands, I share what I found and my thoughts in my first review of Amazon Essentials clothing.

I used Prime Wardrobe to try these items, which is Amazon’s ‘try before you buy’ program.  And my only regret is that there are LOTS of items that are not actually available for Prime Wardrobe.  I’m not sure why, but my guess is that it has to do with the actual availability and physical location of individual items.  Hopefully they’ll make more items available for Prime Wardrobe, because I do have a lot of fun trying new styles and sharing them with you!

Lightweight Longer Length Cardigan ($25)

I LOVE this long pocket cardigan and ended up keeping it.  I love everything about it – the color, style & fit, weight, and length.   And it has pockets, which I really appreciate in a cardigan!  It’s a thinner sweater fabric perfect for layering, fits true to size, and it comes in 6 colors.

Lightweight Lounge Terry Tie-Waist Top ($17)

Another keeper!  I love French terry fabric of this cute casual top, it’s so comfortable and cozy without being too thick.  I didn’t think I’d love the drawstring, but it’s fine.  If I decide I don’t want it, I can always remove the string.  This is another good top for layering and I think the drawstring could maybe add a little interest.  It comes in 6 colors and fits true to size.

Mockneck Top ($12)

You can’t get more classic and time-tested than a turtleneck (mock-turtleneck, technically).  This is such an easy piece to style in cooler and cold months.  You can play around with layers and accessories and have lots of fun with a solid near-neutral top like this one.  It fits true to size, comes in 9 colors, and look at that price!!

Lightweight Vee Cardigan Sweater ($22)

This is the perfect classic cardigan that has been relevant for decades.  It’s a thinner sweater fabric you can easily dress up and dress down, wear buttoned or not, and wear year-round.  The fit is true to size and it comes in 11 colors.

Bi-Stretch Ankle Pant ($24)

I’ve been looking for some colored pants to add some versatility to my wardrobe, and I thought these bi-stretch ankle pants might be a fit.  I ordered this dark green pair, and a teal pair (see below) and I liked the color of the teal better so that’s the pair I kept.  These pants fit perfectly and come in 9 colors.

Bi-Stretch Ankle Pant ($26)

Another wardrobe workhorse I’ve been on the hunt for is a pair of patterned pants.  If you can find a great pair that can go with a lot of different tops, they can really add a lot of versatility to your wardrobe.  This black and white window pane plaid is a great example.  These pants also come in polka dot (next pic) and medallion print.

Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants ($26)

These are the exact same pants as the above plaid pants, just in a polka dot pattern.  This pattern is so classic and easy to style.

Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants ($24)

I love the color of these teal pants, these were a keeper.  This color is so easy to style year round, which is exactly what I was looking for.  I love the fit, length, and fabric of these pants and they come in 9 colors.


I’m really loving the Amazon Essentials brand clothing so far!  They carry great classic/timeless styles, which I think are perfect for building a good wardrobe foundation.  Have you tried this brand yet?  If so, let me know what your favorite items are and I’ll see if I can share them here.

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