Amazon Finds – Fashion Edition Vol. 1

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I am finally doing an Amazon Finds series. During this series, you can expect posts about fashion, home decor, and kid’s products. It’s funny that I buy so often from Amazon but, I’ve never ever thought of something like this where I’d share items that I love and use almost every day.

My Favorites Amazon Finds

Well, today I will be correcting this mistake and launching my first post of a series that will be up on my blog every other week. These posts are meant to be short and quick reading for those who don’t have much time to spend on long articles.

Online Shopping +Amazon Prime

Isn’t it a relief that we can rely on online shopping during these difficult times? We all have been through so much in this past year and considering that so many businesses have been closed is good to think that Amazon can provide a two days delivery for Prime members and sometimes even next-day delivery on selected products.

Positivity Is Key

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has past and we still have to deal with lockdowns in some places. Fortunately here in Utah, things are doing much better than in the first couple of months into the Pandemic.

I pray that everything will be well soon and we all can go back to our old normal. I am a people person, I love making new friends, and this year more than never I have been feeling the disturbance of social distance in the form of anxiety. It’s so hard to think of all the fun and beautiful moments we could have as a family and yet the best option is just to stay safe at home.

I see the frustration and anxiety on my kid’s faces. Sometimes they beg me to take them to their friend’s house. It hurts my heart but, I am confident that soon than we expect we’ll be able to hug and kiss and have fun games and movie-nights and dinner, with our family and friends.

Amazon Finds

Back to the subject of this post which is my recent favorites items from Amazon, I have curated here a quick list of my favorites pieces in regards to fashion, and I hope you enjoy it.

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