Android Apps: What I’ve recently deleted from my phone

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Lifestyle and blogging android apps I’ve downloaded and deleted

In 2017 I bought I new phone, which I feel has been my most significant tech move of my mid-20s so obviously I will keep talking about it. It’s only second to being given a company blackberry curve 8520 when I was 19 by my first boss. That blackberry changed my life, had me on the internet in ways I hadn’t been before. It opened the world up to me and this new phone (albeit bought it on a contract) is doing the work of giving me more of the world. Being on a better android means being able to get better apps. These are a few android apps I’ve deleted recently because they were not working for me.
For the longest time, I had trouble with my card and couldn’t make online purchases even though I’d gone to my branch (Capitec) to set up my card so it worked as a “credit card to allow online purchases. This was important to me while I was hosting my shop on a platform that I needed to pay regularly. By the time clothes caught my eye on SPREE, easy payments were not part of my life so I continuously put things in my cart and “almost paid” with Snapscan. Like, I never used it.
Mr delivery
That delivery fee tho! And they are not available in my neighbourhood which made the whole thing pointless.
I’d downloaded this because someone I follow who does podcasts said this would be the easiest way to listen to her podcast. It wasn’t. I never really got the hang of it and have to this day never listened to her podcasts. 
I don’t even know why I downloaded this one in the first place if I’m honest. I did one video with it tho before letting it languish for months on my phone.
I first got Snapchat sometime in 2016 because at my previous job, a “cool” agency, we were doing presentations and teaching our colleagues about things. One of my bosses did a newsletter presentation and one of my colleagues did a big Snapchat 101. After the presentation, I deleted the app but would sometimes redownload it when I was bored or wanted to take pictures of myself wearing a face mask and a filter! But Snapchat wasn’t for me.
I’m barely good at Instagram stories but it’s better to try there.
Apps that I’ve actually been using:
The Capitec Bank app has actually changed my banking life. I get so much done on there — from my rent to transfers to saving (on the months I can) it’s handled. I’m also able to see all the payments I make via the app. It has a budget tab, which I’m really hoping to get familiar with this year.
Apps I want to use more of:
These blogging apps I’ve recently downloaded with the intention of doing more to share my content and make my pictures better and they are Buffer, Pinterest and A Color Story. A Colour Story looks complicated AND it looks like I have to pay for too much.
Would you be interested in a review/overview of the Capitec Bank app?

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