Are You Living In Color?

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Do you love color, but are afraid to use too much of it in your home?  Are you scared that it’ll be too chaotic, or make you feel out of control? 


The makeover I am sharing today involved an adjoining living room and dining room.  The dining room was already painted a fresh green which my client loved during the day, but hated at night – poor lighting had much to do with that. The adjoining living room’s yellowy-tan walls fell flat in comparison to the vivid color in the other room.

 Dining Room Before


This family had lived in their Nashville vintage bungalow for over a decade.  They love color, but had only taken things half-way.  As you can see in the photo below, my client had lots of colorful accessories in the living room but was afraid to veer off of neutral on the walls because she already had such a colorful dining room.  That’s why she needed an interior decorator who specializes in color, like The Decorologist!

 Living Room Before


We needed to establish some balance  in these spaces – I suggested a blue wall color of similar intensity as the green in the dining room.  I must tell you:  my client had a very difficult time committing to a new wall color.  After much contemplation, color sampling, and adjustment, she finally took the plunge!   As you can see, furniture arrangement was critical  to making this small living room work and feel “right”.

Living Room After


The coffee table/trunk will soon be replaced by a round upholstered ottoman, and my client is on the hunt for just the right piece of artwork for above the charming fireplace.  Even though it was always the focal point of this room, the white fireplace really commands attention now – as it should! 

 Can You Say Cozy?


The vivid wall color contrasts with the woodwork, making the wood richer and more attractive.  The living room is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Covington Blue.  I love how the artwork is really showcased on these beautiful wall colors.

 Benjamin Moore’s Covington Blue


The dining room wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Dill Pickle.  It’s a yellow-green that works great with the living room’s green-blue.  One big issue was the poor lighting in these rooms (the very reason my client didn’t like the dining room at night!)  We resolved the issue with a new hanging light fixture and lamps.  Isn’t this new beaded light fixture a fabulous choice for this space?

 Benjamin Moore’s Dill Pickle


Remember the fabulous blue and green flamestitch shelf liner that I used to line the back of my own dining room hutch in this post? I have another roll of it, and it’s going in the back of this antique hutch pictured above.  Ok, here’s the “before” shot of this dining room again:

Dining Room Before 


Here’s the “after”.  This iron and glass buffet used to be red, but now sports a coat of rich, deep sapphire blue.  It was previously on the other side of the room, somewhat impeding the traffic flow.  My client had never even considered putting any furniture in front of these windows, but this airy piece works perfectly here.

 Dining Room After


This corner of the room offers a cozy spot to read and to admire my client’s nature photography.



If you love color, why go half-way?  Fear and perfectionism can paralyze you and keep you from taking chances that will truly make your house a home.  


So tell me, are you living IN COLOR?

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