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Happy Wednesday, wonderful people! What I’m sharing with you today, has been a looooong time coming.

It taught us both bundles about patience, sticking with something until you figure it out… And waiting for what you really want. But once upon a time, our back porch looked like this: {Clearly, not my color.}

And we finished this off, into the veranda. It’s small, but it’s one of the best things we ever did for our home. You’d be amazed at what adding another room can do.

A few of you asked to see the outside of this finished room. But I hated it so much, I wanted to wait until we could get to the outside. I’ve loathed that brown color for six years.

I wrote about some of my ideas for an outdoor space over a year and a half ago. (I actually removed that post when our home was on the market, because I’m all paranoid petunia, and didn’t want our perspective buyers to be frightened by our yard…) But you know how the story goes. We took our home off the market, and decided our story here was not over.

Boy am I glad it’s not over.

Our first step to transforming our outdoor space was the handmade hideaway for me our kids. We were so thrilled at the changing power of a little wood and paint.

The photo below of the back of our home was taken last April. But as our plans would have it, first came the hideaway, and then came a book. So when we finally started on this back yard overhaul, we fell flat on our faces. Our roof line was a major challenge. There was also the obstacle of already existing concrete we had poured before we finished the veranda. Yes, our timeline of back yard redo attempts is complicated. There was wind. There was a collapse. There were tears. (Me.) Bereaved Planking (Jamin.)

And after wasp swarms, crazy weather, insane schedules and some saving of funds, I am oh so excitedly happy to show you the following.

The leaves are falling as fall has officially arrived… so the grass looks a little different, but isn’t it fun what a little paint and elbow grease can do?

We lightened up that brown with a pretty little grey worthy of our siding. It actually makes me like the siding. We added handmade shutters to the back, and as we go, we will be adding them to the entire house. All the way around. It’s crazy how much larger our windows look. (And after some thought we ended up moving the garden box, as we felt it sat to close to the house, you can see the updated version here.)

We extended our patio with some paver stones, and put together a fire pit. Last night we cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. The kids had a blast.

We painted the concrete and the back door for a punch of color. I’ve always wanted a yellow door. It just makes me so happy.

We built a large garden box below the left side of the house, and in the spring, we hope to grow a small garden there. Right now, it’s filled with jasmine, snap dragons and pansies. Some of which will be relocated to another home in later seasons. We also planted Jasmine at the base of the pergola. We hope to have a nice growth spurt by late spring.

I am obsessed with flowers. These little beauts came from a combo of our yard, Publix and Costco, of all places. I may be a font snob. I am not, however, a flower snob.

My little sister was my hero with these chairs I found this summer. They were on clearance at World Market for twenty five dollars each. And I totally flipped. Only there were none to be found anywhere. Is there anything more frustrating in the land of decor? We called everywhere and the final remaining six resided at a mall near her home in Knoxville, Tn. It was meant to be, as she picked them up and passed them on to my parents in a leg to Nashville, who hauled them all here just for me. At this point in the game, they know how I am… They’re always so sweet to help me out when I have a complete spaz attack over something.

Those chairs were originally cream, and I hit them all with fresh blues + whites, and left the arms off of some, as well. I also found this little chandy online, and hit it with the same blue. Oh, and all those lights? Installed by yours truly. It took some real planning to make a continuous strand work like that. It also took a windy day, a ladder, a staple gun, and a lot of lightbulb screwing once they were up. Be impressed. I suffered no bulb casualties. Or concussions. But I’m not even referring to the painting that had to take place on ladders in the dark…

I couldn’t resist sprucing up the table, which we made from an old door we picked up at a flea market in Nashville nearly three years ago. I was holding on to it, and it finally was put to good use. A small testimony as to why you should hang on to a few things. I scrubbed it down, we sealed in the old paint, built a base for it, and then topped it off with a piece of cut glass from the local glass store. I love that you can even see the old lock through the glass. Who knows what this door has seen?

At dinner last night while eating on top of the old door, Aiden informed me that he hoped no roaches came out of it. Oh the minds of babes. I had a brief moment where I found myself triple checking said door.

Our gigantic metal M was also a score at the big flea market in Nashville. I was all over it this summer. I think it’s found the perfect spot.

We brought in color with these outdoor fabrics, and had a wonderful friend come to my rescue to help me make these. Sometimes sewing can be overwhelming. I have more on that coming up. Recognize that furniture? We’ll be moving it indoors and out to enjoy our porch, and in the future we hope to turn our veranda into more of a functional study. Eventually their permanent home will be found around the fire pit.

So here it is. Party ready for this perfect chilly weather we get in the south this time of year. We couldn’t be more thrilled about finally making this space work for us.

We began this past August. We have quite a few tutorials coming up, and I promise to cover my sources. But in the meantime if you have any questions you want us to cover, ask away! I just wanted to share these images with you today. We’re thrilled to have it finito…just in time for the holidaiscal apocolypse and all the fun we fully intend to have with it.

To read any of our DIY projects from this back yard overhaul, be sure to check them all out, here!


I’m off to scour my home for the next few days in attempt to prepare for a photoshoot with a magazine (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!) you all know and love. I can’t wait to share with you, and I’m basically about to combust with absolute excitement.

…As always, have an inspired day!

This post was brought to you in part by Thompson’s Waterseal. We can’t wait to show you how we used their amazing products to bring our outdoor space to life, and make it work + last  for us. Stay tuned for more of that, coming up!

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