Beautiful Brick Homes: From Stately to Cozy

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My husband is from Pittsburgh and one thing I always notice when we visit his home town is the abundance of brick homes. He appreciates their low-maintenance appeal, while I love the diversity of style you can find in a brick house.

Photo by Charles Hilton Architects


One thing that would make me very happy about living in a brick house is the lack of necessity to paint it every 10 years or so. I also tend to like the ones that have a Tudor influence in their styling.

Photo by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.


And I absolutely love when brick homes are paired with red clapboard siding. It gives them such quaint, historic charm. Look at all the details of this house – the brick pattern on the gable area and the little copper roof on the protruding window. 

Photo by Innovative Construction & Roofing


Some might think this home is a bit non-descript but I love its simplicity. Plus, it has cute shutters with pineapple cut-outs.

Photo by Cummings Architects


Stately brick homes always remind me of the type of houses you see near a university where the professors live. In Pittsburgh, you’ll find several large houses downtown in the Oakland area near the University of Pittsburgh.

Photo by Luther Paul Weber AIA, Architect


Do you like painted brick homes? This one has a worn look with some of the red brick showing through.

Photo by CARNEMARK design + build


And this cozy house wears a thick coat of white paint. I like both applications.

Photo by Tommy Daspit Photographer


This older brick home has a lot of details – like fish scale trim in the gables, a green roof, lots of white trim with a variety of windows, and a beautiful windowpaned front porch.

Photo by Hutten & Co. Land and Shore

The third house in this line-up is my favorite – do you have a favorite too?

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