Beautiful Shingles in Poland

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This is mighty impressive roof work from Zakopane, Poland. This building specifically is a hotel in a ski resort town near the Tatra mountains. I keep going back to look at this image to wonder who had the patience to lay those wooden shingles out so beautifully and precisely.

Anyway, this image is a good excuse to post something pretty in the current lull of winter. Not to say we haven’t been somewhat busy, but of course our own building work is on hold for the present. We may have some exciting projects coming up this year here in Berea. It’s a bit too early to talk about that, however. In the meantime, our land hunt continues, and I’ve found a good bunch of wood for carving some dough bowls and spoons. There seems to be no shortage of social opportunities here either, which is very nice.

Perhaps this is also a good place to mention The Year of Mud facebook page, where we typically make updates every weekday. Check it out for more in the realm of natural building & living goodness like the beautiful Polish building above.


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