Bedroom Makeover with Bassett Furniture

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I have always been about making what you have work and thus created a guest room with our leftover furnishings. Sure, the room wasn’t my favorite space, but it worked. Things went down the tubes when the last working dresser drawer broke and the kids couldn’t safely access their crafting materials without the drawers falling out on them. It was time to bid adieu to the furniture. When Bassett Furniture reached out about a collaboration for a bedroom makeover I knew this room would be the perfect space.

When purchasing all new bedroom furniture there’s a common misconception that you have only two choices: 1) The Easy/Lacking in Style Option where you buy the matching set and done, or 2) The Hard/Designed Option of purchasing separate pieces from difference places that don’t match but work together to create a well designed room. The second option sounds hard and intimidating. No wonder so many opt for a matching set.

What if I told you you could have the best of both worlds? There really is a third option! Our guest bedroom makeover with Bassett proves you can get a well designed room an easier way using a mixture of classic pieces that stand the test of time, all from one store. I’m going to share with you how to do just that.

This post is sponsored by Bassett Furniture. Furniture was delivered pre-Coronavirus. All photos and opinions are my own.


The main focal point in any room is the bed. Start there. I decided on this Bench*Made Midtown bed from their new Bench*Made Midtown Collection. The bed is handcrafted of solid maple here in the U.S. and finished in their Weathered Barn finish. The headboard has these cool metal details that give it a lot of interest and a mid-century modern touch.

The customization options are practically limitless with this bed. Sixteen different finishes to choose from, an upholstered headboard option, as well as four poster and canopy options. If I would have had the room I would have been all over this as a canopy bed. It is gorgeous!


Instead of purchasing nightstands that match the bed, create more interest by finding pieces that contrast your bed. My bed has a medium tone grey stain so I wanted to stay away from anything that was similar in tone. The bed also has modern details so I chose to contrast that with something traditional. I did a pair of their Woodridge Two-Drawer Chests in Cavern Black. These are incredible. They have the look of an antique with detailed traditional styling, inset drawers, and aged finish. An unexpected modern surprise was the soft-close drawers. Man, details like that make all the difference!


Lamps have a larger roll to play than just adding light to a space. They can really make or break a look. When done right, they can tie together multiple styles perfectly. I cannot say enough about these Deveraux lamps. I am in love!! Fair to say this is my new favorite lamp. The base is a substantial concrete that ties in with the cylinder portion of the headboard but contrasts in style to the traditional nightstands. It’s a large lamp that is a perfect size for the new nightstands.


Ok, now we’re going to bring in the third furniture piece. Here is one of the reasons I really love Bassett; they make this part easy. The Bench*Made Midtown 6-drawer dresser I picked out is actually part of the same collection as the bed. “But, you said not to buy a matching set?” I know, but stick with me. This dresser comes in sixteen different finishes. To keep that pieced together non-matchy look we’re aiming for, I did the dresser in a different finish from the bed. That way the style ties in with the bed, but doesn’t completely match because of the color. I chose the Lamp Black finish so that it will tie in with the black on the nightstands. See how we’re mixing things, but keeping them together at the same time?

This dresser is solid maple. You really can’t beat the quality of solid wood furniture. Like the drawers on the nightstands, this dresser also has dovetail joints on the fronts and soft self closing drawers. It’s a beautiful piece that would compliment a lot of different styles.


This bedroom has the highest ceilings out of the others in our house. A small mirror would have looked even smaller given the ceiling height. Sometimes bigger is, in fact, better. I went with the Deidre Mirror for a number of reasons. It’s large and in charge, which is what this wall called for. The round shape breaks up the square lines of the dresser and the bronze metal finish hints to the metal details on the bed. It’s also just plain cool with the angled frame.

A New Room without Leaving Home

I’ve never ordered through the internet sight unseen as much as I have this past month. I’m sure the same is for you as well. It’s easy to do with small items, but you probably have hesitation when it comes to larger furniture items. Every single piece I ordered through Bassett was done so without seeing the item in the store. I would be lying if I didn’t say there was a twinge of concern as to whether or not the pieces would look the same in person.

I have to tell you I was THRILLED on delivery day. Bassett’s In-Home White Glove Delivery was nothing short of amazing. Their professional delivery team arrived right on time, unpacked and assembled all of the items, and placed the furniture in the room to my liking. Each furniture piece and decor item looked exactly as described on their website. Such a sigh of relief! There were no bad surprises, only good ones when I realized just how great it all came together.

If you’re looking into new furnishings but are worried about not being able to visit a showroom, take advantage of their Virtual Appointments where you can speak with one of their Design Consultants from the comfort of home. I have no doubts you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

While my new bedroom furniture arrived pre-Coronavirus, adding in the finishing touches came after. I was determined to pull it all together by shopping my home as much as I could. It was a necessary challenge given the times we are in, but it was also fun! I swapped out some bed linens by mixing and matching other sets, and styled with decor pieces from other areas of the house. I’m so happy with how it came together and I know it saved me from making time consuming and unnecessary decor purchases.

Before and After

I hope you enjoyed this bedroom makeover with Bassett Furniture as much as I do, and that it has given you some ideas for how to mix up sets in your home. Want to see another Bassett makeover? Check out more of their beautiful pieces in our entry makeover here.

Thank you, Bassett Furniture!

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