Best Baby Board Books (Top Ten List)

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Reading board books is such a good way to interact with your baby. When you read with your baby, not only are you solidifying a love of books that will help them when they learn how to read later in life, but you are spending quality time together, sitting close, and learning new things. I heard that it’s never too early to start reading to your baby and I believe that’s true. Even young babies like listening to your voice and hearing voice inflection and sounds.

Board books are great for little ones who would rip or slobber over paper pages. If you’re in the market for a cute baby shower gift then any of these top ten books will be well loved and appreciated. Or if you’re looking to expand your own board book library, check out our top ten list to see the ones you need to add.

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Top 10 Best Baby Board Books

We’ve been expanding our board book collection and we definitely have our favorites. Here is my list of the top ten best baby board books around.

#10 – All About Me

This little board book is a great way to teach kids about different parts of their body (nose, mouth, eyes, arms, hands, etc.) It’s a great book for asking questions about the book and your own bodies like, “Where is the baby’s nose?” and “Where is mommy’s nose?” Interactive flaps on every page keep kids entertained. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#9 – Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You

This baby board book has a sweet, tender message that is delivered with poetic words. The illustrations are very whimsical and fun for kids and adults. I would put this book closer to the top of the best baby board books list except that some of the pages only have one line of text while others have a couple of stanzas. Not a big deal, but sometimes on the longer text pages my little guy wants to flip the page before it’s time. But, I love how this book beautifully captures in words the feelings of a parent’s heart. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#8 – Llama Llama Nighty-Night

Llama Llama Nighty-Night is a really simple board book that for some reason is a major favorite. The sing-songy story shows Llama Llama getting ready for bed and his steps to get there. I think the sweet, simple message and illustrations resonates with little ones who find the simplicity understandable and comforting. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#7 – Piggies

Don Wood is my all-time favorite illustrator and this book does not disappoint. The story concept that talks about a child’s little piggies (fingers) is adorable, and it has the added benefit of being a counting book (counting on fingers) although that is not the soul purpose. Each little piggy in the book has their own personality and it’s fun seeing their individual reactions to the hands’ environment (hot, cold, dirty, clean, etc.). I could stare at the illustrations in this book all day! (Order your own by clicking here.)

#6 – If I Were A Lamb

This touch-and-feel board book is short and sensory so it’s perfect for little ones. Each page has a different texture to rub. There are a bunch of other variations on this book if you would rather have a different animal. They have If I Were A… Dog, Giraffe, Hippo, Penguin, Poodle, Pig, Pony, Reindeer, Bear, Donkey, Duck, Elephant, Hedgehog, Kitty, Lion, Monkey, Owl, Panda, Rabbit, and Puppy. (Order your own “If I Were A ___” by clicking here.)

#5 – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Beautiful illustrations by Eric Carl, this book is fast-paced and fun. The story has a simple rhyming sequence and a conclusion that gives it an easy-to-follow flow even for little kids. With a new color and animal on each page, it’s a great introductory educational book for kids. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#4 – Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo is a super cute book that is apparently a classic but we’ve just recently discovered it. Each page has a different animal behind some fun flap. The interaction is plentiful with all of the opening and closing of flaps and making animal noises. I think it is helping my little one with his dexterity as he tries to find the flap openings. Definitely a top board book with a fun ending. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#3 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carl has a bunch of cute baby books, but this one is my favorite of his. It’s a counting book with a fun background story of a caterpillar’s journey turning into a butterfly. It’s playful in that you can stick your fingers in the holes that the caterpillar “ate” through, and you can help your baby count by pointing with their finger. I love that it focuses on fruits which are healthy. Also, his illustrations are simple but beautiful. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#2 – Goodnight Moon

A total classic and yet Goodnight Moon is still a favorite. I love the word-to-page ratio and how it’s always time to flip the page before baby gets antsy. Even though the book all takes place inside one room, there are a lot of interesting, basic things to point at in the illustrations. A great interactive book with your baby with questions like “Where’s the light?” and “Where’s the moon?” In addition, there are different numbered collections of things in the book so you can count objects. For example, there are three bears, two kittens, etc. All in all, this book is a classic for a good reason. (Order your own by clicking here.)

#1 – Little Blue Truck

In my opinion, Little Blue Truck is pretty clearly the number one baby board book. The illustrations are top notch, the book rhymes, there are plenty of animal and truck sounds, and it teaches a good moral that is easy to understand. This book easily keeps my little one and me entertained from start to finish. (Order your own by clicking here.)

Bonus – Pet’s Tails

This baby book isn’t a board book, but it’s too fun not to add to this list. It’s made from a fabric material and it’s pretty indestructible making it perfect for babies. (My baby spent a lot of time chomping on this book when he was teething.) Pet’s Tails is full of animals and their tails–a nice introduction to basic animals. It’s very sensory, with colorful pages, different-textured tails, and crinkle-sound pages. This was my baby’s favorite book until he reached about 6 months, and it’s still played with today. (Order your own by clicking here.)

Do you agree with this list? I’d love to hear your baby’s favorite board books! Leave your response or a question in the comments section below.

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