Best Exterior Blue Paint Colors and Palettes

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We get frequent requests in our color consulting practice for blue exterior paint colors and they are gorgeous!

I lived across the street from a blue house for 20 years, and I enjoyed the color more than the homeowners did because I saw it every time I looked out the window.

Dark paint colors are having a moment right now, but I still consider them timeless and classic.  Keep in mind that exterior paint colors are always 5-10 times lighter and more colorful when you take them outside.  It is always critical to test your paint color to see how it behaves in your lighting.

One of the great benefits to blue paint colors is that they look great with red brick, yellow brick, and most warm stone colors.

Best Trim Paint Colors with Blue Paint

The best trim colors paired with dark blues are light neutrals such as Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23) and Pale Oak (OC-20), Ballet White (OC-9), and Sherwin-Williams Shoji White (SW 7042), Natural Choice (SW 7011), White Duck (SW 7010)  and Zurich White (SW 7626).

Resist use of a clean or bright white paint color for trim because it will look too bright and harsh. Creamy whites may look yellowish; if you want a creamy trim color try Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (HC-173).

BM Hale Navy (HC-154) siding with BM Pale Oak trim; Photo by M. Marceny

Best Front Door Paint Colors for Blue Houses

You can use just about any color for front doors with blue houses. We love red, orange, green, white, black, blue gray and warm wood stains for blue houses.  We note each of them in the photos below but these are two of our favorites.

The following Split Pea front door might seem way too bright but check out how that almost-fluorescent green ties in with the foliage, and the light color reveals the beautiful carvings.  It looks amazing with SW Cyberspace.

SW Cyberspace siding with BM Split Pea Front Door and BM Chelsea Gray trim and stairs; Photo by M. Marceny

This is one of my favorite doors. The color is BM Redstone with Stormy Sky board and batten siding. Read more about this project here.

BM Stormy Sky siding with Redstone front door; Photo by M. Marceny

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Hale Navy is an iconic navy-blue.  It is a complex dark blue with muted gray tones.  When you see the paint color on a swatch it looks black and boring but outside it is rich, blue and sophisticated. The house below uses BM Pale Oak for the white trim color and gorgeous BM Caliente for the front door.

BM Hale Navy siding with BM Pale Oak trim & BM Caliente front door; Photo by M. Marceny


BM Hale Navy siding with BM Pale Oak trim & back door; Photo by M. Marceny


Photo by M. Marceny

SW Cyberspace (SW 7076)

Cyberspace is a blue-black that looks silky dark blue-gray and rich outside.  It is darker than Hale Navy and one of our favorites with red brick!

This house was transformed by Cyberspace, with BM Chelsea Gray trim and a bright green BM Split Pea front door.  The door ties in with the foliage on the foothill backdrop.  Chelsea Gray looks lighter than expected because of the bright high-altitude sun.

SW Cyberspace siding with BM Chelsea Gray trim and entry with BM Split Pea front door; Photo by M. Marceny

Below Cyberspace it is paired with a creamy white, SW Westhighland White (SW 7566) for the trim.  Read more about this exterior palette here.

Cyberspace exterior with Westhighland white trim; Photo by M. Camilli

Sherwin-Williams Outerspace (SW 6251)

Outerspace is a gorgeous color as seen on the house below.  It is one of the colors that looks much more vivid outside than it does on a swatch or inside. White trim color matches to Zurich White (SW 7626) and shingles to SW Safari (SW 7697).  Dark blues look amazing with yellow beiges such as Safari. The front door is Grizzle Gray (SW 7068)

Sherwin Williams Outerspace is blue color; Photo by Color Concierge client

Sherwin-Williams Slate Tile (SW 6251)

Slate Tile is a rich and vivid mid-toned paint color that looks so beautiful on exteriors. It looks much more muted on the swatch and inside. This home has warm stone and is paired with a warm white vinyl trim that matches to SW White Duck (SW 7010).  This exterior is bright and happy.

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile is blue color; Photo by Color Concierge client

Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky (1616)

If Hale Navy is too dark for you, then BM Stormy Sky is a great compromise.  It is muted enough to stay subtle and sophisticated, but lighter and softer.  The sweet little cottage below it is paired with BM Classic Gray as the white trim and BM Storm light blue gray front door.  Note that BM Classic Gray (OC-23) looks so much darker inside, and outside it is a lovely soft white because of the bright sunshine.

Stormy Sky siding with BM Classic Gray trim and BM Storm front door; Photo by Color Concierge customer

Stormy Sky is also great as a secondary color when paired with Hale Navy in a monochromatic paint scheme. Stormy Sky is the garage siding color, contrasted with a Hale Navy garage door and main house.  The fence was previously painted blue gray.

Photo by M. Marceny

BM Ocean Floor (1630)

This is one of our favorite blue palettes.  Our client already had a white house and they wanted to keep their trim and garage door white.  They removed their shutters and painted the siding with BM Ocean Floor and it looks epic! The white is matches to BM White Dove (OC-17).

BM Ocean Floor exterior: Photo by Color Concierge client

The Verdict

We love dark blue exterior paint colors – they are beautiful and flexible too!  Blues look great in wooded lots and with warm stone or red brick.  Consider a colorful front door or a classic wood door with warm undertones.

No matter what, don’t forget to test your paint colors.  It’s a standard best practice.  Whenever I test my paint colors, they are perfect, and when I don’t test they turn out wrong. Learn how to test your paint colors here.

NEVER, EVER use paint matches from a different brand than the one you will use.  Results are poor and there are no standards for the sheens.  Even though your painter may truly believe it can be done, don’t do it. See results from paint matching here.


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