Best Presser Foot For Brother Sewing Machine 2021 – Different Types of Embroidery Machine Presser Feet

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If you are a Brother Sewing Machine enthusiast and everything about it pleases you, then you must know the core reason why BROTHER is loved so much.

It’s presser feet are the real cause of attention and popularity!

However, if you have a few confusions regarding the presser foot for Brother sewing machine and its types, then you came to the right place.

Of course, BROTHER is an admirable sewing machine brand that has been around for decades.

It provides both manual and electronic machines at the best rates and features.

Other than that, if you are a beginner, then you can go for the Brother embroidery kits for beginners, as these kits are useful for learning new ways to sew.

So here’s a complete guide on all the presser feet and everything you need to know about them.

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What Is Presser Foot?

In an embroidery machine, a presser foot is known as a changeable component, according to the sewing tasks. In many cases, a presser foot is the lifesaver of every sewist.

Moreover, it’s primary function is to steady the fabric under the needle during sewing.

Other than that, a presser foot is used for linear sewing, and you can attach different types of presser feet to your sewing machine for more functions.

Furthermore, presser feet provide different techniques of sewing; this means you can do more than just linear stitching. Another benefit of presser feet is that they can ease-up your sewing process and save a lot of time.

So if you have more presser feet options in your sewing machine (as BROTHER already does), then you can do a lot of good to your sewing projects!

Best Presser Foot For Brother Sewing Machine 2021

Brother has plenty of presser feet types attached to it’s every sewing machine. Due to these options, you get to sew efficiently and instantly.

Now, let’s discuss the different kinds of presser feet present in Brother sewing machines.

Different Types of Presser Foot For Embroidery Machine

Even feed Walking Foot

Even feed Walking Foot commonly referred to as the “Even Feed Foot.” It is used for sewing several layers of fabric altogether to create a nice crease.

It is ideal for sewing quilts and blankets. Furthermore, you can use it to create beautiful patterns, such as checks, plaids, motifs, and stripes.

Even if you sew with smooth fabrics, this walking foot for the Brother machine will still be of use to you.

Adjustable Binding Foot

Also known as the “Universal Adjustable Tape or Bias/Tape Binding Foot; it is used for adjusting the width and lengths of binding fabric.

Without a doubt, this is a necessary presser foot type because it creates perfect binds around the edges of your fabric.

You can even bind the sides in a different style, plus this presser foot can help you create professional, and neat-looking binds every time.

¼  or Quarter Inch Foot

This type also has another name; the Pathwork Foot.

It is a special kind of presser foot that features a built-in path that aligns your fabric, and a perfect seam of ¼ inch, regardless of how quickly you sew.

When it comes to dressmaking, a 6.3 mm seam is ideal for creating edgy curves like collars and armholes.

Moreover, you can create native seams as you get neat and best results every time.

Furthermore, we call this a hat embroidery machine because it is suitable for creating hats and bags, where you genuinely need a thinner seam.

Free-Motion Darning Foot

They are commonly used as the Stippling Foot or for creating free embroidery patterns on fabric.

Moreover, it helps to eliminate the need to use the feed dog by covering it.

As there is no relation between the machine and the material, you get maximum space to embroid any design according to your wish.

This feature makes Brother the best embroidery machine for custom design on the market.

So if you love to sow quilts, then this presser foot is perfect for you to create free patterns everywhere.

Open Toe Applique Foot

This presser foot is suitable for creating embroidery, so it is titled as the Open Toe Embroidery Foot.

This presser foot for Brother Sewing Machine provides a crystal clear vision on your stitching area.

Moreover, there is maximum space on the stitching counter for you to stitch effortlessly without worrying about control.

Furthermore, it is great for applique, and the bottom of the foot includes a rectangular indentation, which allows you to slither under the foot quickly.

Roller Foot for Denim & Leather

The name says it all; this presser foot features rollers that gently roll over the fabric, kind of like a bulldozer.

It is used for delicate sewing seams and uneven edges.

Moreover, it helps to prevent jamming or to slip of material under the foot. Besides that, it is best for sewing leather, velvet, or denim.

Adjustable Blind Hem Foot

With this presser foot, you can ensure the neatness of the blind hem and add a professional finish to your stitching projects.

The adjustable blind hem foot helps to add a decent amount of perfection in your hands to stitch a perfect garment.

Furthermore, you can be able to design efficient-looking hems quickly and simply, and that’s what makes a Brother product the best sewing and embroidery machine.

Ultra Glide Teflon Foot

This pressure foot for Brother Sewing Machine has a sleek coating of Teflon on the foot’s sole, which enables it to glide over rubbery and sticky fabrics easily.

Moreover, this presser foot is best for suedes, Ultrasuede, plastic, and oil-cloth, because it prevents the material from sticking on the foot of the sewing machine.

Button Hole Foot

Are you tired of sewing buttons by hand? If yes, then this is the best presser foot for Brother sewing machine.

The Button Hole Foot helps you to sow buttons onto any fabric.

So if you’re sewing a new dress that needs buttons, use this presser foot to add buttons effortlessly to your attire.

All-Purpose Foot

The All-purpose foot is the most extraordinary and versatile presser foot available on every Brother Sewing Machine.

The reason why it is called an “All-Purpose” presser foot is that it is used for all-purpose sewing.

It has an excellent shape, and it is suitable for straight, zig-zag, and almost any kind of stitching. Without a doubt, this presser foot can be a massive asset to your sewing projects.

Cording Foot

The cording foot is used for installing a few lengthy cords in a particular area for cording.

With this presser foot, you can elaborate on garments, quilts, cushions, or anything you like.

It’s easy to use and provides a significant difference to your sewing.

Moreover, you can use different types of threads, fabric, and cords to create the perfect design.

Super Slim Zipper Foot

The Super Slim Zipper Foot is best for getting close to your piping, zipper, or trim to create a mesmerizing finish.

It is far better than the traditional zipper foot, as it provides precision and perfect visibility.

However, it is a bit difficult to maintain the position of the needle; you have to shift the needle to the right or left when using the super slim zipper foot.

Narrow Hem Foot

The Narrow Hem Foot is the best for giving an exotic finish to your stitching.

It creates gorgeously thinly rolled hems on fragile fabrics, which could be very hectic if done manually.

Before you use this presser foot, make sure the thread and fabric are positioned correctly.

Clear Zigzag Foot

You can use this presser foot for plenty of purposes from zig-zag to straight patterns, but mostly best for making sure the feed is perfect when sewing thick fabrics.

Moreover, it is also helpful for applique, cutwork, monogramming, and embroidery.

Low Shank Snap-on Foot Adapter

It is a modern presser foot that offers a back-up adaptor for you in case you lose the previous one.

If you don’t have an adaptor, then you can’t use a snap-on foot – which is for almost every foot in your sewing machine.

How To Use?

As mentioned above about this guide, a pressure foot is a changeable component of a sewing machine, and it has many types.

Most importantly, the Brother sewing machines contain a vast majority of presser feet, and every foot offers a unique advantage and a different way of usage.

There are many different sewing machines, and their uses are different as well. As a result of this, Brother offers easy-to-use presser foot with versatile features.

However, you can even watch Brother sewing machine feet tutorial to have a better understanding.

The way you use a presser foot depends on the kind of design you want to create on your fabric.

Moreover, Brother embroidery machines come with an instruction manual that contains information on every component. You can read the manual before using the presser foot to get an idea of how to use it.


Now, that was all of it! It must be easy for you to stitch fabrics with presser foot by far, as we’ve cleared everything. Moreover, the presser foot for Brother Sewing Machine is versatile and practical for every sewing enthusiast.

So, you won’t be having any problem sewing the attire of your choice with a sewing machine the brother presser foot spectrum.

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