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If you are a hobbyist or a woodworker, you likely understand the importance of having a drill press either at your home or while working. You may even get lucky and have a fantastic tool that you can carry along with you wherever you may need it.

A small drill press is better than traditional handheld drills because they can offer the user more efficiency and more accuracy while providing less force required using than a regular drill. Imagine how quickly you can complete tasks with your new drill press. So you can read our drill press reviews and choose the best drill press.

Best Small Drill Press Reviews – 2019

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WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press Review

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed offers high-quality drill presses that people can afford, with this particular drill, you are not just limited to using certain materials, but rather can seamlessly go through tasks using a wide range of materials.

This can help make sure that you get the most out of your cheap drill press and allow you to get through a huge variety of tasks. This is a powerful machine that can cut through metal even on its lowest setting with much ease.

One of the best features found on this drill is its laser guide. This is a great tool to have because it can help make sure that you are accurate when using this item. It is important as it can help you quickly get through tasks with maximum efficiency.

The ability to raise and lower the work table is another incredible feature that you can find on this drill press. It is a quiet machine that has a work lamp so that you can see whatever you are doing, despite the lighting that you may have in your workshop.

This is also a lightweight and quiet machine that you can take with you wherever you need to go.

Even with all of its amazing features, it does have some of its flaws. It does have a bit of a wobble to it, which most drill press users do not like.

Adjusting speeds on this machine can be a bit awkward and are not as easy as some people would like, especially if you need to switch speeds during a task where you want to get through it as quickly as possible.

SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench for Jewelers & Hobbyists

SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini drill press has an amazing quality construction to it, which is surprising considering the cost of this item. It runs very well and also has little run out to it, which is important for the users of this type of machine.

There is very little sound to it, comparable to the level of sound that you would find when using a tool like a sewing machine. It is a strong and solid machine, much more than would be expected, especially for this price point. The SE drill press was very easy to assemble, and it runs very smoothly.

At this price point, you can expect a few flaws from a machine like this. One of the biggest issues is that this machine does not have a whole lot of power behind it, so anything that is more heavy duty is not ideal for this drill press. It is perfect for those at home hobbyists rather than people that are professional woodworkers.

The professional level tasks should be left for a more powerful machine. It is also a machine that lacks a bit in the precision department. It could benefit from such bells and whistles as a laser guide.

EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press

This drill is the best choice for using home tools. It is the perfect size for many of the smaller projects a user may have, though it would be not recommended for heavier woodworking type tasks.

It does amazing when drilling small and precise holes for things like circuit boards and jewelry making. It works well for this and is a great tool if this is the only thing that you use it for.

There are some issues with this model. The belts for this drill break very easily, which can be an annoyance to users. There have been some complaints about the construction of this item being very cheap and that items frequently break on this item. Overall, this does exactly what it promises that it will do, even if it does have some issues.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch is one of those brands that people who know tools turn to. They have reliable products that may cost more than other brands but show that they are more than worth the price. This particular model has a laser guide, a work table that can tilt, and has enough power to go through many different materials.

One issue that is seen with this model is that it does run a bit hot, which is a concern for some. The laser guide is very useful, but can sometimes be very difficult to see. Overall, however, this is a great tool if you can spend a little extra on an item.

Proxxon 38128 TBM Bench Drill Machine

Proxxon 38128 TBM Bench is the most expensive drill on the list. It can handle a variety of different materials, which is excellent for those who are looking for something that is capable of a wide range of tasks.

It has an amazing level of precision, which any drill user knows is important in a product. It is compact, which is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space.

Even with a drill like this with such glowing reviews, it has its problems. It can be a bit louder than some people would like with their drill.

This drill can also generate a lot of heat, which could pose a safety threat. There are also complaints that the manual leaves out information that is quite important. Otherwise, this is a great item to add to your workshop.


At the end of the day, you are looking for the option that will suit you the best. You do not want to spend money on an item that you will end up returning shortly after your purchase.

This is why doing your research before purchasing an item is hugely beneficial to you. This way, you can know what to expect from an item before your purchase, and you will not be surprised with the item that you get.

As for which of these is the best, the WEN is a top choice for a reason. The brand offers an excellent quality product at an affordable price. It has a lot of the offerings the higher cost models have at a cost that is much more palatable to the budget conscious.

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