Bob Mortimer’s bizarre story about giving Damon Hill ‘pocket meat’ has Would I Lie To You viewers in stitches

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Bob Mortimer’s appearance on Would I Lie To You had viewers in stitches as he shared a bizarre tale about the time he gave racing driver Damon Hill a Scotch egg before a race.

The comedian, 61, presented the panel of Would I Lie To You with an epic story about treating Damon to a bit of ‘pocket meat’ before a race.

He told the panel: ‘I once helped Damon Hill to Grand Prix success by presenting him with a pre-race snack.’

David Mitchell quizzed him: ‘What was the snack?’, to which Bob replied. ‘A Scotch egg.

‘He felt that the Scotch egg had helped him succeed in the race. He told me so.’

The panel had to decide whether the tale was a truth or a lie, as Bob explained that he had been invited to the British Grand Prix sometime around 1996, despite not being a fan of the sport.

Bob’s tall tale was completely true (Picture: BBC/Zeppotron, an Endemol Shine Company/Brian J Ritchie)

He explained: ‘I’m not a Formula One fan, I probably prefer soil science. He was driving for a company that had very fast company cars.

‘We went upstairs on the bus, Damon was there, he had a bed in there. And it had mugs with “I love cars,” “I love handbrakes,” “I love headrests.” This is just like an hour and a half before the race.’

He revealed that he always carries a snack with him, which is why he had the Scotch egg handy: ‘I call it pocket meat. Whenever I’m away from my house, I have pocket meat.

‘I have like a chicken leg or a pork pie and I thought, I’ve got some pocket meat, it was a Scotch egg in its cellophane and I said: “Damon, we all know that if you pop a sausage roll in an American’s pocket, it brings him good luck.” I said “Maybe a Scotch egg would work for a British fellow like you,” and I gave it to him.’






Bob claimed that Damon swore he carried the Scotch egg with him for the whole race, which is what gave him success on the course.

The tall tale ended up being true, and fans were left howling at Bob gifting ‘pocket meat’ to Damon before a race.

They tweeted: ‘Bob Mortimer on Would I Lie to You is always comedy gold. Absolutely superb.’

Others added: ‘You really can always rely on Bob Mortimer,’ ‘Bob Mortimer’s the best on would I lie to you’ and ‘Bob Mortimer incredible on #WILTY as ever’.

Would I Lie To You continues on Monday from 8.30pm on BBC One. 


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