Chanel Fashion Show 2019

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Chanel Fashion Show 2019 was absolutely stunning! Besides the perfect looks, I really like the way they decorated the Grand Palais in Paris. The Fall-Winter 2019-20 collection is totally get me! If you haven’t seen the show yet, I’m going to show you my favorite looks and also you can watch the video of this fashion show at the end of this article. I think you should watch it! It is really fascinating. Let’s have a quick look to the Chanel fashion show 2019’s bests.


I think wearing all white is the coolest thing that you can do in winter days. And I like to wear white too much! I know it is getting dirty very fast but anyway, it is worth it girls. When I saw the models coming in all white, I get very excited! Let’s check out the details!

Look at these showy accessories. You can match your all white outfit with big accessories. It will look really chic!

Don’t be afraid to wearing lots of accessories. I like the way they combine accessories and the belt bag.

This baggy high waist pants the piece that I want to have right now!

There were some all white outfits with skirts. I like the fabric of skirt very much.

Here is the suprise name of Chanel Fashion Show 2019: “Penélope Cruz”. She is also wearing a cute white skirt.

Click here to see the way that I wear all white!


Besides elegant white clothes, there were some bright colors like red, pink and blue. You can see these colors on a bag or even on women suits!

These puffy and colorful bags were my favorite at Chanel fashion show 2019.

Wearing all pink? It is something pretty arty!

Especially this blue women suit on the left is my dream!


Third thing that I like the most about Chanel Fashion Show 2019 is mixing the patterns. I’ve never worn clothes in this way but I’m sure that I’m going to do it! It looks really stylish.

If you haven’t watched Chanel fashion show 2019 yet, I put a link here for you. I think you should watch it right now! I’m sure that you’ll love the atmosphere!

And you can reach this collection’s whole detailed photos here!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish.

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