Chelsea Top 10 Players Of All Time You Should Know

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This article is centered on Chelsea top 10 players of all time, If you care to know the players that had the best moment in Chelsea then here we have listed the top best players of the Chelsea football club.

Chelsea is an English football club that has so far win the heart of most football lovers all across the globe, the club is one of the most sought for and also over the years made some outstanding history in the game of football.

Without much ado, let us quickly examine the list of Chelsea’s top ten players of all time.

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Chelsea Top 10 Players Of All Time

1. John Terry

John Terry is a divisive player, Terry fell into the club’s legendary category, as all opposition fans love to hate him, however, he is adored by anyone with Chelsea’s persuasion.

For two decades, there was hardly a local player to keep Terry in the main team, however, the team relied on the former England captain and never seemed to move between the procession of highly praised and expensive players. When Europeans arrived at Stamford Bridge during their time at the club.

With over 700 appearances in all competitions, Terry was Chelsea’s most successful captain during the longest period in his history, while overseeing the winning of 14 major trophies.

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Certainly, there can be no other candidate for Chelsea’s best player ever than his “Captain, Leader and Legend”.

2. Gianfranco Zola

Zola’s arrival in English football in the mid-1990s not only transformed Chelsea but also contributed to the transformation of the Premier League as a whole, along with the flow of other European stars that have graced this region. His skill, technique and shooting skills quickly made him adored by Chelsea fans, who simply felt blessed to be so close to the Italian’s magic.

The impact Zola had on the club can be seen from what happened when he agreed to leave the Blues and play for Cagliari after seven successful years in 2003, the summer when Roman Abramovich would buy Chelsea.

The Russian’s desire to keep Zola in West London was such that when the Italian made it clear that he would not go back on the promise made to Cagliari, Abramovich would have tried to buy the entire Sardinian club for Zola’s services alone.

The deal did not materialize, but Chelsea’s number 25 is still one of its biggest players.

3. Frank Lampard

Endowed with incredible talent, Lampard also had an unparalleled work ethic, establishing himself as a Chelsea great and one of the best midfielders in English football history.

However, as the club’s best striker of all time, fourth on the appearances list, the legendary Chelsea figure enjoyed the most successful period in his history and also once coached the team reintroducing local talent for the first time in Lampard can feel bad about an honorable third place.

4. Didier Drogba

Although he was never overly prolific. He has only scored more than 12 league goals twice in his ten seasons at the club. Drogba consolidated his legendary status due to the scenario and the moment when he scored his goals.

In 2012, Drogba became the first man to score in four different FA Cup finals by scoring the winning goal against Liverpool.

However, his best moment came two weeks later, when he scored not only the 88th minute draw in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, but also the decisive penalty in the penalty shootout.

5. Petr Cech

Cech’s legacy as Chelsea’s greatest goalkeeper could not be tarnished by the four seasons he spent on the other side of the capital with London rival Arsenal.

The former Czech Republic international was part of four defenses that won the championship, however his first title, under the command of José Mourinho, in 2004 – 2005, saw him concede just 15 goals throughout the season.

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6. Kerry Dixon

Dixon joined Chelsea when they were suffering in the second division, trying at all costs to avoid going down to the third division by two points in 1983.

His impact was immediate, he scored two goals in his debut with the club. He prepared for the promotion with a refreshed team, including names like attack partner David Speedie and winger Pat Nevin.

The three combined for almost 200 goals in the next three years, while Dixon continued to score at an impressive rate in the first division, won the golden boot in 1985. With 193 goals scored in his name in the nine years he spent in the west of London, Dixon is the club’s third-best striker of all time.

7. Dennis Wise

Like a professional who made the youth team players sit on a toilet to warm the seat, Wise was a character who shared opinions but is considered at home in the pantheon of the great Chelsea.

In midfield, Wise was a terrier on the field, constantly hitting opponents in the back with ball possession and at times when they did not have it.

After three years at the club, Wise was promoted to captain for acting as the link between the values ​​of the old English school and the emerging talent, with Gianfranco Zola citing, in particular, his captain as a very important figure.

8. Ron Harris

He won the FA Youth Cup for Chelsea in 1961, Harris spent almost two decades in the starting lineup, earned a reputation as one of the country’s toughest defenders and the nickname “Chopper”. That courage was evident during the victory in the 1970 FA Cup final, one of the most physical confrontations in the competition’s long history.

At Chelsea altogether, Harris stayed with the club for a decade that saw an exodus of famous players along with two casualties and promotion, while racking up an astonishing 795 matches, the club’s record of all time.

9. Peter Osgood

Osgood was an extremely talented player of Chelsea’s attack during the 60s and 70s, which saw the club enjoy a few years full of trophies. A combination of strength, subtlety, and instincts. Osgood, had it not been for a broken leg, could have taken Geoff Hurst’s place in the England World Cup-winning team.

However, the Windsor-born center forward would make up for his international absence by claiming Chelsea legend status, as Osgood repeatedly displayed his incredible ability to score important goals for the Blues in the 1970 FA Cup and Europe final.

10. Eden Hazard

Perhaps the diminutive Belgian would have made it to the top of the list if he had spent the rest of his career in West London, yet even the most relentless members of Chelsea’s faithful cannot keep their dream of moving to Real Madrid against him for a long time, given the performances he regularly did for the Blues.

Having arrived in the capital at the time after Chelsea’s victory in the Champions League, Hazard quickly became the next star. Equipped with unrivaled dribbling skills and a surprising amount of strength, the Belgian quickly became a fan favorite, as he regularly left opponents’ defenses in a babbling babble full time.

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In his last campaign at Stamford Bridge, Hazard signed in a typically brilliant style, with two goals and an assist in the Europa League final, with Chelsea humiliating their London rival Arsenal 4-1 in Baku.

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