Children’s Picture Books for All Four Seasons

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I often group our children’s books into book sets to help the kids make text-to-text connections, as well as connections with the world around them. One set of books we always have out are children’s books about the current season. I’d love to share our favorite seasonal books with you in order to help you start your own seasonal book collections for kids or simply to find some new favorites to add to your current collections!

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Children’s Books for All Seasons

One way we celebrate the changing of the seasons is with the changing of our seasonal book sets. We currently have our winter themed books out near our nature table. Once spring arrives, we’ll be putting our winter books away and welcoming our spring books! It’s always so fun to witness the children’s excitement as the new set of books is brought out. They can’t wait to dive right in!

Here are links to our seasonal children’s book collections. I hope they provide some inspiration for you, whether you’re just starting to create seasonal book sets or simply adding to current ones.

Winter Themed Children’s Books


 Spring Themed Children’s Books


 Summer Themed Children’s Books


 Fall Themed Children’s Books


 Children’s Books to Read Year Round


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